Mediazone’s Publisher and CEO Glenn Rogers has announced the launch of INGENIOUS DESIGN, the Group’s latest edition to its suite of niche online magazines. Speaking to newsmen from the Group’s headquarters in Sydney Australia, Rogers cited the need for a magazine that highlights the city’s most creative interior designers especially at a time when living spaces are shrinking beyond acceptable levels.

“It is a shame that a city that hopes to attract the best international talent, is offering increasingly smaller living spaces which foreigners are just not used to. Hong Kong is being extremely shortsighted and there will come a time that even Hong Kongers will start moving out. We Hong Kongers work harder than most people to earn a better lifestyle and if we can’t get at least the expected value for our dollar, we will start leaving the city. This is something that our property developers should see before the exodus begins.”

“After much thought and wide spread discussions we’ve decided to launch Ingenious Design – an online magazine that Hong Kong can use to spot the most creative designers with proven expertise in making the most of smaller living spaces. This magazine will showcase the trade’s most extraordinary talent and serve as a resource to our growing commercial and residential markets.”
The magazine’s first issue (this November) will showcase Hong Kong’s best interior designers’ work targeted at the high, medium and low market (both commercial and residential.

“We expect the trade will find the magazine invaluable as an ideas-sharing forum and a means to serve the hard working people of Hong Kong,” Rogers concluded.