Interior design is more an art than a business for entrepreneur FRANKIE WONG. His love of décor help him fashion a one-stop-shop service that inspires, impresses and exceeds expectations.

“While I was still an employee, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work on many different varieties of retail and hotel projects. While working on these projects, I quickly developed a passion for perfecting designs and coming up with superior ways to better control our budgets. When the time was right, when I felt I had enough experience, I took a leap of faith and ventured to start my own company,” says Frankie Wong, project director. 

Making a Difference

Frankie Wong

IF Interior is not simply just a design firm. We strive to become our client’s ‘one-stop-solution’ for all of their contracting needs. We take pride in our fully customized customer service, tailor made to fit all of our clients’ different needs and satisfying all of their wants. We take great pride in all of our work and the results clearly speak for themselves because our main source of advertising has always been word-of-mouth. Direct referrals from past clients have been our only way to market our company since day one and we thank all of our clients for their trust in us.”

He adds: “We are extremely patient with all of our clients and we are all about communication with them. Besides the norm of 3-d renderings and floor-plan layout drawings, we also take the time to clearly explain every step of the project and paint a full mental picture of not just the design element details, but also budget expectations and possible challenges every step of the way. Our goal is to ensure our clients are always informed and fully confident with our decisions and ensure that customers are always comfortable and satisfied with our work.”

Power of Synergy

Wong notes that the cost for everything in Hong Kong has been and will continue to rapidly increase. There is also always a lack of skilled and experienced workers. “We overcome these challenges by developing, cultivating, and building a long-term relationship with our construction teams. We believe when there are bonding relationships between our management and construction teams, we will be able to create synergy and this is the only way to sustainably maintain our high standards in order to achieve our extraordinary high quality results.”

Growth Path

“As the greater China market grew for all industries, many of my clients also expanded their businesses into the greater China areas as well, and as they do so, IF Interior is naturally their first choice for design and contracting their new offices and factories. With a growing demand throughout greater China, in 2010, we established our satellite offices in Shenzhen and Nanning to further expand our reach in order to better service our clients’ needs.”

“Communication has always been the secret of my success. Not every client knows exactly what they want, some may only have a very vague idea, and it is our job, our goal, to dig beneath the surface to clarify this vague concept and finally materialize them into tangible designs. This is often easier said than done. From our experience, this takes much patience and the willingness to serve and push for perfection. I believe we are successful at doing this because we have a true passion for what we do, and without this passion, we will never be where we are at today,” Wong concludes.

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