A vital strategic partner to the construction industry CO-MAKE LTD is helping boost the quality of sustainable structures that profit us all.

From being a geotechnical and structural consultant and later working as a main contractor including foundation, geotechnical and overlying works, and finally to sub-contractor work, over 20 years work experience in different areas widened strengthened his understanding of the civil and building construction arena, Sam Hui finally set up Co-Make Ltd. 

“After the establishment of the company, we seize the opportunity to undertake different projects, including the construction of factories, luxury villas, building foundations and interior decoration projects, from the beginning of the hundreds of thousands dollars of projects to the current tens of millions dollars of projects to stabilize the company’s cornerstone of sustainable development,” Sam explains.

Forging Ahead

Sam says: “We are familiar with every detail in the construction project, so each project can be completed at the scheduled time, cost, and quality to meet customer needs. In addition, material is one of the important factors in the construction project because quality material constitutes high-quality construction and increases the building scores. We have available sources from domestic, China or foreign quality suppliers. We will be in accordance with the requirements of customers and budget, select the appropriate suppliers to provide quality and cost-effective materials. We are not only builders but more importantly service providers. Because of this philosophy, all our employees strive to achieve the best possible customer satisfaction.”

He says: “Meeting customer needs is our biggest mission and we maintain customers through the cultivation of good relationships. In each construction project, we provide the best quality service, resources, innovative technology and sustainable development plan according to the needs of different customers. We are committed to remaining a strong and competitive service provider while viewing the customer as a mutual partner. We are fair with all our subcontractors, suppliers and employees.”

“The company is committed to ‘quality, time, cost, innovation, safety, health and environmental protection’ as the core policy, the company to develop quality objectives, all employees need to comply with customer specifications and internal standards to work, regularly review the feasibility of the target, quality and continuous improvement, our quality management is in full compliance with the ISO9001 quality management system. In each project, our goal is that all projects must be completed within budgeted costs,” he explains.

According to Sam, China’s market development is very rapid and being in Hong Kong gives him a distinct advantage. We have access to the Chinese as well as Western culture and that enables us to act as a bridge between the East and West.

“We are not only builders but more importantly service providers. Because of this philosophy, all our employees strive to achieve the best possible customer satisfaction.” – Sam Hui

Facing the New Reality

In today’s market development, the cost of expensive enterprises causes many difficulties. “Similarly, construction costs have continued to rise in recent years, labor shortage and aging manpower have resulted in high cost of workers in the construction industry which is also a big challenge for us. At the same time, to face the market competitors is also a serious problem. Project bidding against competition, the difficulty of business negotiations is hard because most customers tend to be conservative. In the face of these difficulties, we are to strengthen the management of manpower control, arrange the appropriate personnel in appropriate positions and achieve maximum productivity. The face of fierce competition in the market, we prefer to focus on tendering for quality projects and not the number of projects.”

Sam adds: “We will make full use of the advantages in Hong Kong. With the prosperity of the economy, prospects for business development is high. We can serve as a portal i.e. connected to the Chinese mainland market. Regional positioning makes us an ideal base for the development of business around the world. The proportion of private enterprises is the largest in the projects we have, so we hope to use existing company strength to expand business opportunities and introduce other business opportunities. We have become a registered contractor of the Hong Kong Railway Company Ltd, the Hospital Authority and tertiary institutions, and have invested in other relevant special qualifications to help other public enterprises such as government, subways, schools and hospitals thus making a contribution to the community.”

Sam Hui, founder of Co-Make (HK) Ltd receives the Services Awards from the hand of Mr. Glenn Rogers, CEO of Mediazone Group in The Excelsior Hotel on May 18th, 2017.

For additional information, please visit www.co-make.com

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