In an increasingly mobile world businesses of all sizes need to embrace the digital path. XGATE is growing rapidly on the success of its customers who use its digital solutions to serve their customers and open new markets.

XGATE was founded in 2004, with the mission to change digital marketing when it was at its infancy in Hong Kong. 

Many brands and marketers wanted to reach out to their VIP customers, but had to rely on digital technology and service that was not user friendly, and was not in real-time.

Digital marketing was a relatively new concept globally, as traditional media such as TV, Radio, magazines and advertisement dominated the marketing landscape.

XGATEs founders saw this as an opportunity to accelerate the adoption of digital services in the new era of marketing as a natural evolution since the proliferation of personal mobile devices allowed for a direct communication channel to the consumer.

Steady Growth

During the initial years, XGATE’s growth was slow, as many of the marketers was not fully converse with Digital, and didn’t want be the “first adopters”, as “traditional media” was familiar and safe.

XGATE continued to innovate, and brought on board an Angel VC, to further accelerate the growth and expansion phase and entered the incubation program at Hong Kong Cyberport.

XGATE further invested in infrastructure, and build its Digital Marketing Services Platform (DMS) platform that allowed marketers to create, target, launch, track and manage multichannel campaigns.

As the adoption for digital marketing grew, marketing automations, BI and data analytics were also added to DMS platform to enhance the digital practice in the industry.

Over time, XGATE has serviced several hundred large global companies from luxury, hospitality, cosmetics, financial institutions, infant milk formula, healthcare, fashion apparels and lifestyle brands.

Digitising China

China Market has been growing exponentially over the past decade, and Hong Kong companies have benefited from being geographically located at one of the busy entry points to the country.

Chinese companies are starting to become more digitally marketing focused, and as part of their strategy for customer loyalty and brand awareness, they are more willing recently to adopt lead to sales services, Social media ad-buy, and provide a more engaging marketing experience.

“XGATE has been able to respond well to the growing demand in part due to our enterprise grade services reliability, quality of service and customer focus. We have continued investment in the past years setting up offices in Guangzhou and recently in Chengdu to establish our footprints and provide digital CRM marketing services in China,” said a company spokesperson.

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