Filling a niche for finance-related public relations services, YUAN TUNG FINANCIAL RELATIONS LTD set out to offer benchmark services that have won the admiration of Asia’s most discerning market.

This year marked the 5th anniversary of the Yuan Tung Financial Relations Ltd (YT). This company was established in 2012, a year when Hong Kong reached a turning point in its political and financial developments. It was founded by stalwart public relations expert Thomas Chan. 

“Hong Kong is an international financial center backed by China, a driver of global economic growth,” explains Chan.

“There is a big market in the industry of Public Relations in Hong Kong, although over 100 local and international professional firms have already a presence here. With this belief, against this historical backdrop, and after serving in the Public Relations industry at major financial and regulatory bodies for over 20 years, I decided to start my own company to continue my aspirations, drawing upon a group of market professionals and forthcoming talent, seizing the opportunity, to continue and build our careers in this field.”

“We have a clear business strategy subject to periodical review to prioritize our focus in order to stay ahead of the curve and achieve healthy growth.” – Thomas Chan

Best-in-Class Service

“While the market is competitive, we bring to the table, professional knowledge, market experience, diligence and flexibility which are the key factors enabling YT to survive in this competitive environment.

“Shortage of talents is the major obstacle. Hence YT is willing to spend resources to groom new comers, offering interesting yet challenging duties and trainings on top of an attractive pay package. Our door of is always open for the best people.”

According to Chan, the company excels in 4 key areas;

  1.  “Value positioning differentiates YT. From the customer perspective, in terms of value for money, YT is an excellent choice. Our total offering is superior to our competitors. We have strong vertical and horizontal Public Relations skills, backed by experiences and connections that can offer our customers total experiences and a comprehensive set of services. Quality is the key.
  2. “Under promise and over deliver” marks the difference. If we can continually beat or exceed our clients’ expectations, they have fewer reasons to look for others. We always use our creativity to ensure that our customers get more than they expect in a positive way.
  3. Sharp business focus and sound financial position enable YT to survive market challenges. Former US President Dwight D Eisenhower said that in preparing for battle, he had always found that plans were useless, but planning was indispensable. This is what YT is doing.
  4. Team spirit and corporate culture are essential elements. Attitudes are contagious. We are nimble and hence agile. We can implement changes quickly to take advantages of new opportunities during thriving market. In a falling market, we have HOPE (Hold On Pain Ends) to survive the stormy seas.

Finally, a bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking because its trust is not on the branch but on its own wings. This is YT.”

Bright China Prospects

The Greater China market offers an enormous opportunity for the public relations industry, according to Chan. “Many Mainland companies want to use the financial platform of Hong Kong, creating abundant opportunities for the industry. Besides, there are many local and overseas companies that want to extend their presences into the Mainland through Hong Kong,” he says.

“Yet the supply of local, Mainland and international firms is also big. Hence market competition is stiff and extremely dynamic. To respond to the development, YT seeks to embrace challenges and opportunities, riding on its own expertise and leveraging on the market talents, to explore the Greater China market.”

“We plan to grow organically in the future. We may follow our clients to establish a presence in other regions, like key cities in China, depending on the actual involvement and needs. YT is definitely in an expansion mode.

We have a clear business strategy subject to periodical review to prioritize our focus in order to stay ahead of the curve and achieve healthy growth.”

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