Bringing a host of new, proven medicines to the discerning Hong Kong market is no meant feat but thanks to LSB (HK) LTD that vision is becoming a reality.

The company was established in 2003 with the mission of bringing more affordable medicine to the community and more options to healthcare professionals. 

Founder of the company Li Pui-wing (now also the chairman and director of the company) named the company LSB, in memory of his late father Li Sze-but.

“LSB aims more exposure for both the corporate brand and company’s product image to the greater China market – in response to the growing spending power of customers from the mainland,” says Li.

“We differentiate ourselves by supplying high quality branded generics life-style products to customers. LSB is dynamic, flexible and customer oriented,” he adds.

Consistency is Key

Quality human resources remains an obstacle to serving the Hong Kong market, says Li. “We spent considerable effort in recruiting new members since the establishment. The challenge is to find committed people who are willing to share our vision of growth. We have a plan for gaining more market share for existing products and at the same time bring more new products to the market for bigger total sales turnover. Our success since inception is being humble, open-minded and consistent.” According to Li, LSB;

  • Represents more than 20 PIC/S GMP manufacturers in South Korea;
  • Certificate holder for more than 150 products covering different dosages and therapeutic classes;
  • Products with BE (bioequivalent) standard;
  • Distribution network reaches public and private hospitals, medical and veterinary clinics, group clinics, pharmacies, drugstores, individual doctors, named patients and elderly homes;
  • Dedicated experienced representatives taking care different customers’ needs;
  • Full computerized system DAS 3.39 from inventory management, invoicing and goods distribution;
  • Awarded ‘Caring Company’ by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS).

“We differentiate ourselves by supplying high quality branded generics life-style products to customers.” – Li Pui-wing Raymond

Better Value

LSB emerged to be one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in the industry. It represents major reputable principal manufacturers and provides a range of integrated market expansion services from registration, marketing, promotion and distribution.

“We provide full or selected services for our principal manufacturers:

  • Market research and product / competitor analysis;
  • On-going Hong Kong government tender award analysis;
  • Regulatory support for product registration in Hong Kong, Macau and mainland China market;
  • Brand building through online-marketing, telemarketing and awareness campaign, etc;
  • Full effort own-cost advertising and/or sales promotion for demand creation;
  • Solid experiences in tender proceeding and procedures and hence maximizing turnover for strategic items;
  • Product certificate/distributorship transfer for better value.”

“With the motto — we provide more options – the company invests in strengthening its position in the value chain by sourcing high quality affordable generic medicines,” says Li.

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