Spearheading the thrust for greater emphasis on science and mathematics, MATHETACTICS EDUCATION is filling a niche!

These years the demand of high-end tutorial service from greater China students has significantly increased, notes Choy Shing Him, founder of Mathetactics Education. “Their curriculum such as IB, AP, SAT is highly different from HKDSE, which is not the majority in Hong Kong which is why we foresee the increasing demand and hence provide high-end mathematics and science courses.”

“Generally students from greater China are very hard working and focus on studies. Therefore with suitable practice and guidance they can have very remarkable improvement, which is more than just academic, but also about self-confidence.”

“Our satisfaction comes from seeing our student grow more competitive and into true world-class citizens.” – Choy Shing Him

Results Matter

According to Him, Mathetactics Education offers a very wide range of ‘teachability’. “By small group teaching, we cater to the learning differences of different students, therefore most students have significant improvement in Mathetactics Education. In these years we have best IB (Andrew Huen, DBS), HKDSE (Tiffany Lau, DGS), AP ( John Ma , DBS) and SAT (Andrew Huen, DBS) students . Moreover by efficient teaching and learning, lots of students achieve excellent academic result (Arif Chu, CIS & Hayson Chu, LPC). With high performance in public exams, Mathetactics Education has a fruitful result this year, many graduates enter top tier Universities in US (Colombia University, UCLA, Chicago University, Parson University, Wellesley College) and UK (Oxford University, Imperial College, Warwick University, Birmingham University).

Serving the Market

“Mathetactics Education regularly reports the progress of the students to the parents. With efficient communication we can focus on helping boost up the result shortly. In addition, students have an efficient Q and A channel through which when they have difficulty during learning, teachers provide assistance at their earliest convenience,” Him explains.

“There are lots of competitors in Hong Kong. For the big center very common for HKDSE students, modern and beacon education are majority in Hong Kong. We are now focusing on the high-end market that they cannot. For the top Band 1 students they may find that big lectures don’t satisfy their needs. That’s the main reason we do the small group. Moreover for the international curriculum, we provide flexible plans to suit different progress of students. We just has a case of someone who wanted to complete AP calculus BC and Physics C in 3 months.”

Quality is Our Core

Mathetactics Education currently focuses on secondary education. “Our further growth would be providing excellent mathematics education to primary students, for both local and international students.”

The teaching materials are fine tuned in these years and exam orientated, for HKDSE, IB and AP syllabuses. “We emphasize on Mathematics and Science that can be practically used, which can also raise the market’s interest on these subjects when the students are in elementary school. For us the one factor that matters most is quality. Our business expansion depends on referrals. We grow depending on how successful our students are. This focus on quality teaching and mentoring is at the core of our business model. Our satisfaction comes from seeing our student grow more competitive and into true world-class citizens.”

For additional information, please visit www.mathetactics.com

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