Hong Kong’s intuitive retail contractor ERIC YIU formed EDCO CONTRACTING (HK) Ltd to bring creativity, insightfulness and the value-added component to his customers.

“I served in the construction field for more than 35 years which brought me in contact with different type of job duties and companies. My last employment—at Joyce Boutique Ltd— lasted for almost 12 years during which I came across different type of fashion brands and built a lot of shops ranging in scale from 30 sq.m. to 3000 sq.m. My mentor, Ms Ma invited me to build her own new shop in the year 2008. That was my beginning to EDCO business,” says entrepreneur Eric Yiu. 

Helping New Brands

“As most new retail brands are beginning their business at Hong Kong, and through certain channels starting their network in China, we are in the right place at the right time. We provide experienced project management and fitout services in keeping with our work ethic and philosophy — we provide the best services to comfort those new brands to Asia, believing this is our privilege to have chance to deal with them in these formative years.”

“I am the soul of EDCO and have the required experience to deal with different clients knowing their requirements and processes. We keep training our staff in the art of dealing with all clients,” Yiu says.

“For all new clients, I will be the leader to start the collaboration. I have given them much confidence on the way to build up their new stores or face any problems. I have to keep my clients satisfied across every step of the way plus most of the clients come to EDCO because of their trust and faith in my experience and abilities.”

“We need progressive planning on how to develop our expansion.” – Eric Yiu

Overcoming Hurdles

Yiu says: “As the high-end luxury retail fitout work is different from site construction management, we need staff experienced in the detailing of fine luxury shop design. This kind of staff is difficult to find from the local market. We treasure all our well trained staff and have to overcome all hurdles to train them and to keep them here.”

“The most difficult part expanding our company is the in-house management team. With our experience in the market, we believe it is not difficult to have new clients. We cannot rush to grow too fast. We need progressive planning on how to develop our expansion.”

Scope for Growth

“We are still a small company and need time to proceed with my plan to train our staff and get more market share. Once we have a stable growth in the local market, we believe we will have bigger scope for expansion overseas. Over recent years, we have started our China and across Asia.”

“I treat my staff as teammate and friends. I work with them together for projects, not just to give orders but also let my teammate share in the success of the company. Without their dedication, the job will not be finished to perfection.

We work with all client in good faith, and good trust.”

For additional information, please visit www.edcoltd.net

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