Taking a race car and making it a zillion times better, is what TONY WAI SHING FONG does best. As CEO of LOONG WAH MOTORS GROUP LTD his passion is proving a boon to car enthusiasts.

Loong Wah Motors is based in Hong Kong and was founded in 1985 by C.K. Fong who transferred the business to his son Tony. Tony’s passion for car-racing competitions brought forth his talent to modify and fine-tune cars to yield better handling and higher performance or appearance.

His principles of offering top products, quality, service and rapid availability are as important to Loong Wah Motors Group Ltd today as they were in the beginning. 

“Our fair outlook and trustworthy pricing structure are as well-known as our capabilities.” – Tony Wai Shing Fong

View to a Skill

Loong Wah Motors Group Ltd offers a full range of automotive services. It specializes in performance car tuning, accident repairs and general servicing and vehicle maintenance.

“We’re a one-stop garage, body-shop and tuning center that can cater for anything from a service and MOT repairs to race car preparation and custom unique engineering work, says Tony.

“For those customers wanting a little bit more or maybe a lot more from their road or track day cars, we have a wealth of knowledge regarding how to make it go faster, sound better, stop later, turn sharper and look fantastic. Whether it’s a full engine or turbo conversion, suspension overhaul, rollcage installation, brake upgrade or any other modification we can always help.”

“Our qualified mechanics can service and repair all makes and models of modern road car as well as maintaining and modifying specialist sports, race and performance cars. Our mechanics have years of experience working on all modern makes and models of car including: BMW, Lexus, Toyota, Mini Cooper, Honda, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Renault, VW, Audi, Porsche, Nissan. We provide an efficiency and accuracy service to our customers.”

Success Secrets

“We operate a fair and transparent pricing policy, meaning that you do not receive a final bill which includes ‘hidden extras’, parts or lubricants or additional supplied or fitted components which were not either requested or detailed in our initial estimate. We offer honest appraisals and make recommendations which you are free to then act upon or not. We do this because we take our work seriously and understand fully the ramifications of driving a vehicle which may not be 100 per cent road-worthy. We also have a moral duty to care for our customers. Besides, we have a reputation to maintain — as a fair, competitively priced and customer friendly company.”

Against All Odds

“Like any market these days, the automotive trade is a competitive place to be. At Loong Wah Motors Group Ltd, our passion for delivering the best customer service and value for money is matched only by our passion for cars. We always promote a ‘can do’ attitude,” Tony says.


The 2017 Blancpain GT Series Asia is based on the tried and tested British GT Championship format, recognised as one of the most successful national GT series in the world. It will bring together GT3, GT4 and GTC machinery. The new Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport MR is a joint development between Porsche AG and Manthey, a German motorsport and engineering firm. Only 15 units of the Clubsport MR are available to the Asian market in 2017. TT Racing is proud to become the first owner of this masterpiece.

The Blancpain GT4 Series Asia will take place among other popular contests. Media coverage including TV, internet, radio and papers. It will provide a broad spectrum of exposure to the population in Asia over the course of 2017. The major contests this year will take place in Malaysia, Thailand, Japan and Mainland China.

TT Racing is a Hong Kong based race team. Drivers and Co- founder, Tony Fong and Terence Tse both born in Hong Kong, are celebrated race car drivers and motorsport enthusiasts. Tony Fong has raced in Macau, China and other countries over the past 15 years. Among his entries are the Macau Roadsport Challenge 2010, 2013, 2015, Sepang 1000km Endurance 2016, ZIC Hero 500km Endurance, and numerous CTCC challenges. One of his laurels is Champion of the year in the 2014 HKAA 1600cc Stock Car Challenge. He is an all round driver who excels in both sprint and endurance races.

Tong Fong (CEO of Loong Wah Motors Group) & teammate – Terrence Tse established TT Racing. They take part in BlANCPAIN GT SERIES ASIA race and acquisition GT4 in 2017. TTR took 3rd place in June Suzuka Circuit among keen competition. Tony and Terence will strive for even better performance during the remaining season.

For additional information, please visit www.facebook.com/loongwahmotorsgroup

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