When I was 5, I read a story.

“You are not like the rest”.  Mother duck said to the ugly duck.  “Nobody loves me”!

It’s cruel.

Now I’m 23. I know a dream is just a dream, but a goal is a dream with a plan.

By Quindia Chung

Hey, why do we need to be the same as others?

Want to be the Swan? Feeling like being one of a kind? Here’s how.

Prosperous, bustling Hong Kong urban areas make it difficult to explore the quiet corner. Similarly, in that ordinary boring life, are you happy to stay a mediocre woman?

It’s time to change. Stand out and apart from it all!

Amidst famous brand names everywhere, in busy Causeway Bay, is a fashionable and elegant beauty care flagship store-La Boutique, a sight that lends some character to this urban bee hive.

Chantecaille, a world-renowned skincare and luxury cosmetics brand opened its debut flagship boutique in Causeway Bay in Apr 2016. La Boutique Hong Kong is a five-star boutique, providing the perfect place to escape and pamper yourself. The brand’s first-ever boutique brings the elegance of Paris and the excitement of New York to Hong Kong, displaying founder Sylvie Chantecaille’s stylish vision for the ultimate in luxurious skincare and beauty experiences. 

La Boutique Hong Kong — was designed with renowned French architect Patrick Naggar to channel the chic, easeful elegance of a traditional Parisian salon.

Met by Ann and Ice, I was greeted at a stunning reception counter built from slices of amethyst crystal, chosen for its energy-balancing properties. Clean furnishings and furniture, bright light irradiation on the counter lit up the limited edition makeup and skin care products counter. This fresh and pleasant atmosphere has made me suddenly forget the noise outside.

Sweetie Ann, a professional and reliable beauty consultant was with me to analyse my skin condition. She explained the details of treatment after which I entered the independent care room — The secret garden.

Being Home

The room was dim, the fragrance of the roses sweet and heaveny, and the soft piano soundtrack was still playing. Rest time, sigh!

Two private treatment rooms with an en suite marble bathroom is the brand and the French architects successful side, and scattered out of Paris fashion.

Patience Ice, a beautician began to care.

Rose de Mai Signature Facial help fight contour and brighten my face while it quenches my skin’s thirst. Apparently, subsequent visits aid in increasing oxygen and blood flow to the face and adding glow and radiance to skin.

Ice firstly used the Hibiscus Smoothing Mask — gently and effectively disolving and removing dead skin cells on my face. And yes, there is some reaction on my face. The mask does a phenomenal job of making my skin feel softer, supple and airy.

Who doesn’t roll up their eyes after a hectic working schedule? Ice offered a soothing a head and face massage to me, relaxing loosen up the tension on the scalp. A special blend of Chantecaille massage cream combined with Rose De Mai Face Oil with unique skin renewal massage techniques to stimulate my skin’s natural glow.

Here comes the fun part.

I smell Jasmine and Lily.

This is the Mask mix with Rose De Mai Face” Ice whispered.

This signature Jasmine and Lily Healing Mask mix with Rose De Mai Face Oil enhances the brightening and revitalizing effect by increasing the oxygen flow to the skin without irritation.

I was closing my eyes and I heard the sound like “flip, flip, flip”. I knew it’s time.

Ice was layering my face with crushed rose petals and delivered the rose essence to my skin for extra nourishment. While pampering my skin with the mask, a ultra relaxing and luxurious neck and shoulder massage followed. I drift off.

I raised slowly from the molding facial with Rose De Mai Rosewater, Vital Essence and Rose De Mai Face Oil to tone and revitalize my skin.

I’m gonna miss this, I tell myself wishing to stay longer.

Ice applyed Rose de Mai Eye Lift and Rose De Mai Cream to complete the facial journey by enhancing my face brightening and glowing effect.

I look at the mirror. A Refreshing Mind, A Brand New Me.

Rating: 8/10