‘Tis the season of wintry transition, it is important to update our skincare rountine, and Lavera’s re-energizing sleeping cream and Hydro effect serum are life-savers.

The golden time to repair our skin is while we are asleep, our skin cells go into full swing, repairing damage from the previous day. Lavera Re-energizing sleeping cream has 5-in-1 over-night effect, it promotes skin’s natural regeneration, revitalizes skin, combats signs of fatigue, reveals smooth skin, and more importantly, it provides intense moisture. Combine with Lavera Hydro Effect Serum, it gives me a radiant complexion to stay moisturize all day long.

With my sensitive skin, chemicals in skincare products are most likely to be the root cause of many of my skincare issues while Lavera is a leading provider of organic and natural skin care & cosmetics using 100% natural ingredients and no parabens, petrochemicals or synthetic colour or fragrance. The two products not just made my skin feel moist and it actually prevent me from my acne breakouts.

Summary Lavera’s products are very affordable and it gives above average performance.

Rating 3.5/5