Local advertising specialists form tailor-made, one-stop-shop outdoor media solutions to an increasingly cost-conscious market.

Over the past two decades founders William Ma and C.Y. Lau, had confined themselves to the outdoor advertising business. In 2013 their predecessor Dr Mak Siu Tong, one of the very few pioneers of Hong Kong outdoor advertising passed away. This led the duo to form Bestco Advertising Company Ltd.

“Outdoor advertising had been developed ever since middle of twenty century. It is still developing nowadays but not as rapidly as before. Signage was newly erected everywhere, available locations for these sort of newly signage are exhausted. On the other hand constant economic growth in Mainland China ensures growth for outdoor advertising and presents a golden business opportunity,” says William Ma.

“To seize this opportunity, Bestco spent time exploring China market. Bestco together with its business associates formed an interactive outdoor (I&O) Alliance. Members of the Alliance afford Bestco more variety of advertising services that can be offered to clients.”

“We believe win-win situation is the only situation that will last for long.” – William Ma, Director

LED – The Way Forward

“We have strong business connection network within Guangdong Province. In the recent established I&O Alliance where members include LED screen operators and advance-technology app developers,” says partner C.Y. Lau.

“We have over 100 LED screens installed in major Chinese cities. The advance technology app is a value added service (VAS) for LED screen providers. This app enables one to interact their mobile phone with LED screen or locations where VAS device was installed. Interactive is a tendency that has ample rooms for development. We not only provide advertising media such as signage and LED screens, we go one step further by linking advertisers with customers.”

Growing in Partnership

C Y Lau, Director: “Exploring potential locations for erection of new signage is always our aim for expansion and growth.”

Lau explains that the sourcing of new advertising location is by no means easy and after all government had laid strict regulations for signage erection. Not many appropriate locations remain unbuilt. Landlords are demanding high rental that deter new comers.

“Previously we contracted with landlords in the first place and then looked for potential clients. Nowadays we alter our operational mode. We gathered those advertising resources from our friendly associates first and introduce to our clients according to their requirements. At such we are cost effective and highly reduce the risk of not leasing.”

“Exploring potential locations for erection of new signage is always our aim for expansion and growth. We shall look into the market demand to cope with. We realize LED screens are gradually replacing traditional signage, this is the direction we now develop.”

“Bestco is a small company and we treat every staff as a family member. We are sincere to our business associates. When looking for profit we always consider our counterpart. We believe win-win situation is the only situation that will last for long,” Ma concludes.

For additional information, please visit www.bestcoadv.com

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