Taking care of one’s hair and maintaining it throughout is a thought every woman contemplates daily. I’ve spent the better part of my adult life trying to get back to the elusive hair conditions of my youth, to little avail.

By Liz Jones

Then, a woman’s life is never easy. Our days are fraught with issues like skin acne, anxiety, bodyweight inconsistencies and of course that eternal issueirregular menstruation, some or all of which make it hard to find time to give hair the attention it deserves.

ATS, a premium Korean brand, a “functional ocean spa” brand comprising five ingredients that sustain marine life. “Penta marine technique” is a patented formula that contains extracts from Plankton and Algae to enhance health and energy of hair and hence, that much neededpeace of mind.


HK$126 @shop.wecut.asia


After a hard day’s awful grind, I have to pamper myself, take a bath and restore my body to a healthy and refreshed state. It relieves trouble on the scalp and is conducive to cell renewal, it claims.

[How to use] Apply to damp hair and gently massage for 1-3 minutes. Rinse with water thoroughly and repeat the process if needed. Daily use recommended.


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The mask felt incredible on my hair and scalp! It had great slip. I would even venture to try using this as a leave in too one day. I would have left a little in my hair vs rinsing it out all the way to keep some of the moisturizing and soft ingredients in my hair shafts.

“Clay-like” mask cleanses scalp and jojoba grains (black) penetrate into scalp to give moisture and strength. PENTA MARINE, a complex extract driven from 5 of the best ocean minerals; Seaweed, Plankton, Marine Collagen, Agar, and Spirulina.

[How to Use] Wash your hair thoroughly, applying generous amounts to damp hair, concentrating on scalp and hair. Massage for 1-3 minutes, and leave it on for additional 5 minutes for deeper penetration.

I caressed my hair lovingly, happy in the thought that these oceanic natural ingredients set them aflame with joy. At last, I might have found the ideal solution to weary hair. Share this with someone you love.