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Hong Kong, 20 February 2018 – The iconic Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge (HKZMB) in China is as ambitious as spectacular. It is the world’s longest ongoing sea-based construction project. Indeed, it is more than a single bridge: The HKZMB-project comprises a series of bridges and tunnels crossing the Lingdingyang channel. It serves as a brand new connection between the three major cities on the Pearl River Delta. With its length of 55 km, the bridge is set to become one of the world’s longest water crossings and will reduce travelling times between Hong Kong and Zhuhai or Macau. By simplifying a new flow of labour and goods, the HKZMB also plays a vital role in opening up access to global markets.

Photo courtesy of thyssenkrupp Elevator - Hong Kong

Photo courtesy of thyssenkrupp Elevator – Hong Kong.

Contributing to this highly impressive infrastructure is leading global brand, Germany’s thyssenkrupp Elevator, which installed 102 state-of-the-art mobility units – 76 escalators and 26 moving walks – at the Port of Zhuhai, the 500,000 sq. meter area on the Zhuhai-Macau frontier port artificial island.

The company’s high quality products and materials with specific anti-corrosion capabilities, including anti-moist, anti-salt spray and temperature-resistant technology, which not only keep people moving effectively throughout the year, but also crucially addressed the need for protection from corrosion highlighted in the project brief.

With the new escalators and moving walks, thyssenkrupp will ensure maximum efficiency for operators and staff as well as comfort for passengers. While construction work began on this immense project in 2009, thyssenkrupp’s installation started in June 2017 and was in five months’ time. The main offshore work of the bridge is executed by three regional governments combined – highlighting the combined effort needed to realize this multi-billion investment.

Andreas Schierenbeck, CEO at thyssenkrupp Elevator, comments: “This impressive project in one of the world’s busiest locations shows the need for forward-looking concepts and products. It’s great that thyssenkrupp is a key part of this exciting project on an artificial island. Reliability matters most to our customers worldwide, even more as the products have to withstand high stresses from daily use. That was a major reason for winning this project and once again shows that innovation is the bridge into the future, regardless of the challenges.”

Photo courtesy of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Hong Kong Project Management Office.

Quality and innovation play a crucial role in every detail, especially regarding mobility solutions. thyssenkrupp’s strength in facilitating the efficient and comfortable transport of people is a major reason why the company was chosen as the official supplier of escalators and moving walks that will have to withstand high stresses from daily use. The solutions perfectly match thyssenkrupp’s vision of future cities and infrastructures, combining security, reliability, and comfort with maximum flexibility and economical operation in a world that is largely dependent on mobility.

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