Leading Dutch Dairy Cooperative FrieslandCampina aims to be best-in-class in terms of product quality, service and corporate social responsibility earning the company the distinction of this year’s Customer’s Choice of the Year Award and ranked as one of Hong Kong’s Top 50 Industry Leaders.

FrieslandCampina (Hong Kong) Limited (FCHK), a subsidiary of Royal FrieslandCampina, has maintained a presence in Hong Kong since 1938 during which time it has remained committed to nourishing the lives of Hong Kong’s people across all ages.

The company offers a full range of high quality and nutritious dairy products that nourish consumers at every stage of life. There’s FRISO – renowned for the expertise ‘Made By Nature, Made Better By Science’ thereby offering quality nutrition for pregnant moms and young children. Then there’s DUTCH LADY – a high quality, nutritious dairy-based beverage backed by FrieslandCampina’s 140 years dairy expertise that helps building strong families.

The brands that are no stranger to Hong Kong are BLACK&WHITE, LONGEVITY – taste enhancement brands which have been growing with Hong Kong over the last 7-8 decades and mainly targeted at local tea shops. OPTIMEL is a strong age-tailored nutritional product offering progressive health benefits that address nutrition needs of adults, seniors and elders.


“FCHK is devoted to give back to the community leveraging our expertise,” says Harvey Uong, Managing Director. “We identify major social issues related to FCHK’s commitment and purpose of nourishing the lives of Hong Kong people across all ages; then we leverage our operational competencies and align all our internal and external resources to design CSR projects that focus on the major social issues identified.”

“FCHK has been developing strategic partnerships with key stakeholders in various CSR projects, including NGOs, schools and universities, research institutions, experts or key opinion leaders, media, customers and business partners, to maximize the reach and impact of our CSR projects, as well as establish a high degree of credibility for our projects. Long-term relationships with these partners also ensure the program’s sustainability,” says Uong.

Health Promotion Initiative

“As one of the world’s largest dairy company, FrieslandCampina is committed to promoting World Milk Day, a day initiated by FAO of the United Nations in 2001 to promote the goodness of milk,” Uong explains.

“In light of the insufficient dairy intake and exercise among Hong Kong students, FCHK’s brands and employees have supported World Milk Day since 2013, with the aim of encouraging a balanced diet with appropriate dairy intake and regular exercise for healthy and happy development of Hong Kong families.

Keeping the Craftsmanship Alive

FCHK’s ‘New Generation Milk Tea Master Training Program’ is another noteworthy initiative, Uong says.

“Hong Kong-style milk tea making technique was chosen to be part of The Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Hong Kong down from a list of 480 items in August 2017. However, with many senior milk tea masters retiring, the industry is facing a talent shortage and needs to attract new blood to preserve the craftsmanship.”

He adds, “As the supplier of one of the key ingredients of HK-style milk tea, BLACK&WHITE evaporated milk, FCHK has been forming cross sector partnership with NGOs and tea shop customers to train new milk tea masters annually since 2013, so as to inherit the HK-style milk tea-making techniques and attract new talent to the industry.”

In 2017, FCHK established strategic public-private partnerships with local NGOs and renowned restaurant chains and mobilised cross-sector resources to provide training and internship opportunities to the unemployed to maximize the impact. To date, FCHK has trained over 125 professional Hong Kong-style milk tea masters.

“As a socially responsible company serving the world, investing in providing nutritious dairy products to strengthen current and future generations, we care for the consumer and the community that we serve with passion, diligence and commitment,” Uong concludes.

For additional information, please visit www.frieslandcampina.com

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