Riding the crest of Hong Kong’s growing property management market HONG YIP SERVICE COMPANY LTD is proving to be a model for the industry and benchmark for the market to strive for excellence.

Being a member of the Sun Hung Kai Properties Group, Hong Yip Service Co. Ltd. (“Hong Yip”) shares our parent group’s commitment to offer the highest level of service quality and professionalism, with the primary objective to ‘serving our customers with heart’, says Ir Alkin Kwong JP, vice-chairman and chief executive.

Hong Yip has today developed into one of the largest property management companies in Hong Kong, employing over 11,000 people and managing a portfolio of over 1,500 individual building blocks.

“Our key to success is to change the concept of ‘managing people’ to “serving people’. We developed training programs and policies that place the right people in the right job and to move employees towards supporting our vision—to be recognized by our customers as the best property and facility management company in Hong Kong.”   

Driving Force

“Despite the development of cutting-edge technology nowadays, manpower remains at the center stage in the business world. We understand the crucial role that manpower resources play in the growth of company. We see people as the drivers of success and the soul of the company, and put great effort into staff training and development in order to enhance work skills and self-value. Staff can submit new ideas anytime, which are rewarded through the Group’s Quality Raising Suggestion Scheme and Hong Yip Innovative Suggestion Scheme,” explains Kwong.

“To evaluate the competitive strength of each business unit, we adapt the competitive strength assessment such as quality and product performance, corporate image, technological skills, marketing effectiveness, distribution efficiencies, financial resources, relative cost position and price competitiveness for each business unit.”

Adding Value

“As any homeowner or investor would know, a property under quality management appreciates much stronger in value as prospective buyers can immediately detect the difference. Hong Yip leaves no stone unturned in its sustained program of maintenance and improvement for properties under its management. Hong Yip has also implemented “Quality Assurance Programme” in support of property value enhancement and extensive quality management. For example, Hong Yip not only strives to optimize the overall property management and quality, in addition to the daily management and maintenance, but also focus on environmental protection and high-end lifestyle for customers, including energy saving, waste recycling, landscaping, air quality management, barrier-free facilities, occupational safety and health, etc., to bring a new experience for our customers for the betterment of living.”

Caring Culture

“We remain committed to supporting social entrepreneurship in Hong Kong and encourages staff to take part in CSR activities, which help to develop a strong sense of belonging among staff working in different departments and team spirit across the workforce.”

“As a socially responsible employer, Hong Yip employs people with intellectual disabilities and provide work opportunities to recovered mental patients via various voluntary and government subsidized associations. We have entered into MOUs with various tertiary institutions to provide industry attachment for over 100 interns each year to enable their students to acquire practical on-the-job experience. Scholarships are given to those whose performances during the internship period are outstanding.”

China Prospects

With the development of property management industry in mainland China, Hong Yip (Zhongshan) Property Management Ltd, subsidiary of Hong Yip Service Company Limited and founded on March 24th, 2003, is qualified as a national first grade property management enterprise.

Hong Yip (Zhongshan) focuses on estates covering property construction area of more than one billion square meters in Guangdong Province, including high and low-rise housing, commercial properties and industrial factories.

“We constantly explore and develop the domestic market in mainland China and promote the business of our affiliates. We also spare no effort to provide a one-stop home service to the owners and research the second-hand housing market as a new growth point,” Kwong says, adding that prospects are bright for the property management industry and particularly for a well proven, futuristic, quality-conscious industry leader like Hong Yip.

For additional information, please visit www.hongyip.com

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