The saturated snack market is dominated by Korean, Japanese brands but yet, URC HONG KONG Co. LTD has carved a niche for itself thanks to its innovative brand management and ability to exceed consumers’ expectations.

珍珍” was established in Hong Kong in 1971. “We were the first locally produced potato chips brand in Hong Kong, offering consumers the freshest possible product and tastes suited for the people of Hong Kong,” says Shirley Ma, the company’s general manager, proudly.

“The people of Hong Kong have grown up enjoying many of our hero products including Jack ‘n Jill BBQ Flavor Potato Chips, Beef Crunchies and Roller Coaster Potato Rings. We were pleased to learn from Consumers that they perceive “珍珍” as “The Potato Chips Brand of Hong Kong”. There is a strong correlation between “珍珍” and HK Potato Chips!” she says.

“Snack & Potato chips have always been our passion and we would like to ignite our strength from existing classical product to more innovative Hong Kong-tasted product.”

“As “珍珍” was established in HK, we would like to further build up the brand power in HK before we out-reaching to other countries, says Ma. “Our mission is to reach all consumers who want to try “HK TASTE”. There is no limitation on the boundary. We do have exporters covering countries like Canada, Australia and some other regions. Most of our products sell well in China town and supermarkets as premium priced products.”

Taste Matters

“To differentiate ourselves, our strategy is to ride on the well-known and trust-worthy brand name to expand our core and at the same time bring in innovative products. HK is a multi-cultural place, “珍珍” will be committed to research and investigate the best and winning taste that represent HK. No matter it’s traditional or modern, or it’s a fusion putting west across east. In a place like HK, we will think out of the box and be creative.

“Our HK organization is relatively simple and lean, so we can respond promptly to address market dynamics. We are flexible in decision-making. We have the manufacturing capacity to entertain ad hoc promotion and opportunity. We are not only a good supplier, but also a good OEM manufacturer partner that will be able to offer professional total solution for our business partners.”

Innovative Packaging

“The consumer behavior and demand for snack is changing fast. The snacks market in Hong Kong is heavily influenced and driven by Japanese and Korean products in recent years. To further uplift our brand equity and be an important player in the snack category, we have revamped our product packaging to create the excitement for consumers.”

“Through our packaging revamp in mid of year, we successfully reach our new consumers and some KOL as well as our loyal user. Our brand was rejuvenated via a series of marketing program in both traditional and digital platforms. Our promotion activity was extended to many other outlets and business partners such as the leading digital traveling searching engine, the leading Taiwanese beverages Chains.

“In late 2017, we launched our Iced Lemon Tea Potato Chips, a first in Hong Kong to offer authentic tastes of tea restaurants (茶餐廳). With the wide coverage on social media, the product launch became a phenomenon and stock are selling out as fast as they are replenished in stores. The success of this product is not solely due to its uniqueness, but also the curiosity for a commonly shared taste being put in a new form-potato chip. How can potato chip offer you a fresh and cool feeling? Feedback from social media proves consumers love our Iced Lemon Tea Potato Chips.”

Power Brand

“We would like to make “珍珍” more visible and noticeable to our consumers. We will develop eye catching in-store displays and increase visual appeal across various platform. We shall launch more new products and stay true to our beliefs and core values: being a creative and fun brand. Our team is passionate to evolve and will continue building up our brand power and essence so that we can engaged our consumers and walking hand in hand to bring “FUN” to everyone’s daily life.

“FMCG industry require a prompt response in the highly dynamics environment. Our success is to apply 4 important values;

  1. Strong passion to win- building a winning culture
  2. Dynamism – be agile to meet constantly changing environment needs
  3. Integrity – ensure processes is preserved and adhere to quality standards to delight both internal and external customers
  4. Courage – able to sustain effort in the face of adversity,” conclude Ma.

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