Director ALLAN KONG wields the reins of a secretarial firm his father started. He brings innovation to the traditional firm, while keeping it on course by age-old policy of individualistic and premium service.

RK Corporate Services Ltd was formed in 1983 to provide corporate secretarial, payroll-outsource and corporate advisory services to client when Robert Kong, father of Allan Kong) started his professional public accounting services in Hong Kong after returning from Canada.

“Our services are individually tailor-made for each client at prices more reasonable than the big four’s and other major international firms,” says Allan Kong, the company’s director.

“The quality of our services could not be matched by other local firms which are lacking international connections nor knowledge. The difference we bring to the table is simple – we treat our customers the way we ourselves would like to be treated – with the same warmth, individual attention, professionalism, knowledge and value added quality of service.”

“This focus on personalized, tailor-made, service has lead us grow over the years and we will continue to be known by our customer as a premium and remarkable business services provider.” – Allan Kong, Director

Building on Strength

Kong notes that the major obstacles are cut-throat competition from the small local services companies. “The only way to overcome it is to provide quality services which are hard to be met by those competitors at low fees.”

Asked if after years of robust growth, what his expansion plans were, he says, “we plan to concentrate on providing corporate secretarial services and payroll out-sourcing services to multinational corporations without sufficient knowledge in the local tax and legal compliance issues. This is our strength and we wish to capitalize on it.”

“We are able to success in simply because we only provide to our clients with reliable and quality services we would like to receive ourselves which help clients to success and prosper.”

Bright China Prospects

“When the Greater China market was opened, we extended our services to help our clients to expanded into mainland China and also educated and assisted the clients in mainland China to establish operations in Hong Kong and overseas.

We have built up very good personal relationship with businessmen and professional firms in Mainland China and abilities to provide overseas expert advices through the membership in UHY International, an independent international accounting, company secretarial and consultants network for clients intended to expand into overseas market.”

“We are able to success in simply because we only provide to our clients with reliable and quality services we would like to receive ourselves which help clients to success and prosper.”

International Value-Added Service

“The market is a sort of pyramid with the largest companies at the top and the smallest at the bottom. The biggest growth areas are in the lower to medium size sector. While the larger firms tend to want business from the huge multinationals, the other two tiers of the market do not feel as welcome. In this rapid growing sectors that we target with a different view to provide client the top class of service that they deserve with a reasonable fee and after-sale follow up. We are able to offer this quality of service because we are more flexible, have more local-related knowledge and we know our customer’s expectations.”

There was a case where our local client would like to expand their business into Taiwan and the Netherland trading industry. With our international network, we were able to build our client with these countries’ policy, thereafter providing full set of secretarial services as a joint contact point by summarize different countries’ alliance firms’ report for our client’s to have an ease and clear communication and understanding.”

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