Pragmatic expansion, keen eye for detail and an extraordinary appreciation of competitive service quality assures growth for competitive logistics firm. 

China’s economy grew rapidly after the 80s open door policy when Golden Fame Logistics Holding Ltd (GFLHL) started operating regular feeder services within the Greater Bay Area ie, Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Sanshan, Sanshui, Xinhui etc., with tremendous success both in market share and reputation, says  Wong To Ling, David – Chief Operating Officer.

“As a pioneer in designing modes on Door/Door & CFS services, our professional teams at our offshore branches, together with our fleets of feeder vessel and tractor/trailers, container depot & CFS shed etc., aim to facilitate our customers with choices of comprehensive/package services.     

“To be able to respond quickly to market change and meet our clients’ needs in a timely and professional manner is the key.” – Wong To Ling, David, Chief Operating Officer

Better Value, Competitive Pricing

“We are always looking closely into market development/trends and clients’ expectations.  To move ahead of our competitors, we focus on cost reduction while maintaining efficiency by continuously investing in the improvement of our company (such as equipment, price points) to enable consistent and dependable services,” explains Wong.

“Our strong technical and service team supported by the hardware/software we own enable us to fine-tune and tailor to market/clients’ needs instantly. Our marketing team is always focusing on updated local and global market trends so that we can modify and/or diversify our services without delay.

Speaking on the competition, Wong says that fair competition was expected in all industries/service sectors, of course. “It’s not easy but with our competitive strengths, it’s manageable and we’ve been able to maintain a competent position in the industry. Specializing in project cargo/construction, developing entertainment/fair and exhibition services, and maximizing global CFS consolidation are some of our major goals.”

Quick Response

“With the growth and demand of sea/air logistics/forwarding following China’s open-door policy, GFLHL was formed to deal with all the sea and/or air transshipment traffic from China to overseas through our network and professional personnel. The company later became a listed entity with holding to Golden Fame Shipping Limited and other subsidiaries as well,” says Wong.

“To be able to respond quickly to market change and meet our clients’ needs in a timely and professional manner is the key. It’s also important to review and evaluate the quality of our services regularly and take appropriate modifications/corrections to make sure we stay on top of the game.”

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