In the face of great odds, ANDY LO leads Z Design and Project to great heights of design excellence.

“Design small does not mean reduced living spaces, such as: the storage of platform beds or the design of a debris cabinet with new elements. Using color combinations, we can affect the entire interior shape’s visual perception,” says Andy Lo, director of Z Design and Project.

“The greatest asset of the industry is the talent of the design industry, so we focus on personnel training. Hong Kong has always been the core of our company, we will actively participate in the different nature of the interior design will no longer be confined to the home. We will develop business units, as well as cooperation with different builders from environmental planning, exterior to interior design space also involved, in order to achieve the dream of home works,” says Lo.

Beyond Design

“Design goes beyond inspiration where it comes to cities where space is at a premium. This is where practicality and pragmatic design comes into play and that can only happen when as a designer you appreciate, understand and care for your end user,” Lo explains.

“Each of our colleagues start from the same point – innovation. We look at each project as our dream home shared by the family, from the very start of the idea. In addition to adding new elements of the original design with an emphasis on ergonomics to up to more design beyond ornamental value, we also consider the practical value of the overall design.”

“Our work is a reflection of our abilities.” – Andy Lo, director

New Thinking

“Though we are in the midst of a global economic downturn and the Hong Kong market is admittedly small, it is clear to see that the taste and quality of life of people has not declined. Interior design has become a necessity for Hong.”

He adds: “Creativity is our key to success. Utilizing the expertise of designers, understanding customer needs, creating their ideal home in the limited space, our motto is ‘everyone deserves a comfy environment to live in. We would like to create a comfortable living environment through our experiences and unique design to each of our valuable customer.”

“Some of our graphic design or drafter work and furniture will be made from China that helped us in lower the cost and also increase the efficiency.

We have more than 20 designers, drafter and professionals that helped customers from design to renovation with whole packages. We also cooperate with cleaning company and air purifying companies in order to provide a better living environment with fresh air.”

Overcoming Challenges

“We see good communication with customers as the most important element before starting to discuss about the ideal environment or request from customers. We listen attentively and respect the desire or request of each customer.

“We treat each obstacle we encountered as our team challenge. We truly believe that we can solve the problem with our profession.

We join different corporate activities and through social media platform that help in increasing the exposure of the company. At our core though, we remain service orientated – always keen to do better than our best for our customer because our work is a reflection of our ability.”

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