Hong Kong’s investment-savvy market is delighted that HXPM LTD offers up-to-date, reliable, on-line trading channels.

Lee Wai Shing, Operations Manager of HXPM LTD.

As a member of the Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society (CGSE), type AA membership no. 210, the HKPM provides a fair, open and transparent trading platform, on which customers can check the history of each quote online, says Lee Wai Shing, Operations Manager, HXPM Ltd.

According to Wai Shing, a combination of innovative products, technology and service are what is needed to serve the discerning Hong Kong market.

  • Products: Self-developed HX-GTS2 trading platform for trading gold & silver contracts. HX-GTS2 awarded as an excellent product by HKMA.
  • Technology: Provide two trading platforms (MT4 & HX-GTS2) in web-based, PC & mobile for the investors to choose with powerful servers support instant and stable trades.
  • Service: HX online teaching class with several analysts to share the updated market information with the investors.
  • Human Resources & Training: Since 2014, it has recieved the ERB Manpower Developer award. 7×24 Customer Service in several channels (online 800Chat, WeChat, QQ, 400 Toll-free phone call available).
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Encourage colleagues to volunteer for social activities and be aware of environmental protection issues.
  • Caring Company award and World Green Organization GOALS award for several years.

He says: “Gold and silver trading in China is relatively green and started up at 2002, but the demand of gold in China is strong enough for years.

Together with the technology development, HXPM will provide more new products and service for the investors.”

Credibility Matters

Wai Shing says the HXPM offers 6 points of advantage

  1. Reputation: member of CGSE, fair, open and transparent trading.
  2. Products: Loco-London Gold & Silver are international products can trade in 2 trading platforms, we also provide RMB Gold & Silver products for trading.
  3. Criteria: different levels of initial deposit allowed, use less capital to earn more.
  4. Cost: no commission and handling charges required, high rebate.
  5. Capital: 7×24 deposit & withdrawal capital, greater flexibility
  6. Support: experienced analysts to share with investors. Continuously improve the products and service on web-based, PC & mobile platforms and we offer free online teaching classes for investors.

Future is Bright

“I think rules and regulations would be tighter in Hong Kong, such as anti-money laundering, implement of CRS, etc. We develop automatic program to replace manpower. Our goal is to grow and develop new products with technology and the Internet, input more resources in the mobile aspect. New products are coming to attract different type of investors,” concludes Wai Shing.

For additional information, please visit www.hx9999.com

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