Despite setbacks, remarkable entrepreneur MARGARET TAM is surging ahead with her mission – to bring people together in love and keep them happy.

“I established Smartime Matching in Hong Kong in 2003. Long before 1986, I had successfully matched several friends around me. My dating business was driven by my entrepreneurial spirit and desire to help people. I had my first love experience at young as three, of course that didn’t go well but have be my sweet and sour taste at the time. Since then, I had a very strong feeling of love and of being in love,” explains Tam Suk Yin, Margaret, founder of Smartime Matching.

She adds: “With my life time experience in love, I found discovered that love in fact can work out in a very simple way. I work creatively and in a multi-dimensional way in matching. This because I believe everyone is unique, and there must be something good inside to be explored. Despite my Parkinson disease in recent years, I never stop in the business. Even more, I want to help more people because the satisfaction generated is a source of dopamine which can help me fight my Parkinson disease. I want to spread the positive energy and the faith in love to people around me.”

Customer Focussed & Unique Approach

“Our customers are from high-ended professionals, self-employed, business men and women. They are too busy to search for partners themselves. Yet, our greatest difference is, I think Smartime has the biggest age range among all other dating companies in Hong Kong.”

“Our Three-Dimensional Dating services (3D), “DEFINE, DESIRE, DEVELOP” are always innovative in the market. Other than “Define” which has been widely used in the market, identify the possible partners by matching the basic criteria, we have some things more. Our matchmakers act as a close accompanies with our members and design tailored made service for each of them. This is because we believe in true love and everyone is unique in the world. We have courses and counselling support that inspire our members to discover themselves, to understand people around them, and to know what is the meaning of love to them. We are aiming at digging out our clients major ‘DESIRE’ in a relationship. We have our expertise leading our clients in different positions of a relationship, from never in love, to love, being love, love again and more and more…

“Once our clients are matched, we are not done yet, we educate our clients how to make use of Five Senses Elements (sight, taste, smell, touch, hearing sense) in ‘Developing’ stage. With the help of our expertise, our members are kept enhancing no matter from outside or inside. This brings vibrant chemistry to the dates and relationship.

“Finally, our services can extend to marriage. Our affiliate team Wedding Master can surely play a role in wedding planning and one the big day. They are one of our affiliates that have more than ten years experiences in Wedding industry. The founder, Jacco Yeung is the master in the industry and lectures wedding planning in Greater China regions. Last but not least, you know, even though a couple loves each other, there must be conflicts; we have our counselling services to help them out.

In short, we are a close partner to our members in the journey of love searching and self enhancement.”

Smartime Matching receives the award of “Trophy of Excellence” from the hand of Mr. Glenn Rogers, CEO of Mediazone Group.

The Right to Love

“The biggest obstacle to us is my Parkinson disease. I don’t know how much time I have. Be honest, I of course have my own fear of losing my mobility one day. Yet, I turned-around my fears as motivation. That’s why I write the book of my matching experience and its contents a lot of dating tips as well. Besides, I am organizing a structured matchmaking courses. I hope to have succession of my knowledge in matching, to help people as many as possible. I believe Smartime is the first enterprise in Hong Kong that provides structure training in love matching business.”

“After my first publication of book, The right to serve Love + Embrace Positive Energy in July this year, I received many invitation of speeches for different parties like schools, radios, online channel, etc. Besides my second book will be published in 2018, I will have my writing articles for magazine and newspapers from December 2017.”

“My secret of success is stay simple! I view things in a simple way and do it with heart. I think for every entrepreneur, we have something stubborn in our own believe. You have to be persistent before you get success. Treat it simply, just keep doing until you get your candies! Secondly, you have to stay focused on the goal and do it with heart, and enjoy whatever the outcome.

“Helping others achieving their success is important too. I put my partners’ success as my own goal too. Thus, it is not only a win-win situation; I create a multi-parties winning condition.”

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