As the market expands for more sophisticated IT solutions for intelligent buildings strong providers of these services will have to stay committed to quality service and trends in IT, says DESMOND NG.

Ec InfoTech Ltd. was established in 2003 and expanded quickly to now boast over 170 direct employees. With strong engineering background and solid IT knowledge of management team, we have been expanding our IT team to provide Intelligent Building Solutions and maintenance and operation service also to both private sections and government units,” says Desmond Ng, Director of the company.

Desmond Ng, Director: “We will continue to bring value to our customers’ lives and this attitude of service will prove the wind beneath our wings.”

“We have been expanding our Octopus car-park system and access control business and our installed base already exceeds 100 locations with nearly 2,000 projected executed in last year,” he adds.

On 10 March 2017, Ec InfoTech Ltd. was successfully listed on the GEM of the Stock Exchange as a listed company in HK.

“Our flat organizational structure allows us to provide our customers with quick response and best fit solutions. I believe always listening and understanding the needs of our customers is the best way to ensure the quality, timeliness and cost-efficiency of the services we provide,” Ng says.

“We don’t just offer products but holistic solutions and individual services to our customers. We listen to their needs, and provide one-stop and tailor made solutions. Moreover, we offer flexible payment terms like installments or leasing options for our Octopus car-park system.”

Citing issues facing the industry, Ng says, “the major problem facing in engineering market is the shortage of skilled labour and the continuous technology evolution. To retain our valuable labour force, we provide flexible salary schemes to our staff and regular technical training as well as latest technology updates to our technicians who are then in turn able to provide a superior level of service to our customers.”

True to Value

China is the world’s fastest-growing major economy and has become a focal point of Asia, according to Ng.

“The market for ELV system has grown rapidly in China. Also, we do believe China ‘Belt & Road Initiative’ will enhance economic co-operation among countries along the proposed routes. This significant development strategy will help explore our business in some APAC regions. Hence, we have been working closely with our partners in mainland China to prepare for the coming opportunity.”

“The market is growing rapidly and technology is evolving rapidly. What we need to do is remain focused, serve with dedication, efficiency and maintain the high level of service our customers have grown to expect from us. While, competitors will always attempt at getting market share, customers well served will always tend to stay with service providers they trust. So, yes, the coming years will be challenging but as the market grows in sophistication, the need for our services will grow in tandem. We will continue to bring value to our customers’ lives and this attitude of service will prove the wind beneath our wings,” he concludes.

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