The talented ERIC CHOI knows just what it is that sets him apart from the competition. Unafraid to push back boundaries, his design studio is winning much-deserved market applause.

“Growing up in a government housing estate where the space was very limited, I developed a keen interest in maximising my living area through innovative ideas. It was only later that I learnt this art of enhancing interiors is called ‘interior design’. I attended different courses after my secondary school to gain skills in spatial design. Consequently I found an employment opportunity in an interior decoration company in 1990. As this company was rather small, I soon took up some managerial responsibilities on top of my work as interior designer,” says Eric Choi, founder of Eric’s Design Studio.

In 1992 he was invited by a mainland Chinese company to be in charge of a major development project in Fuzhou, China.

“During my four years working on this demanding and challenging project, I gained immense valuable experiences, not only in the field of design but also in terms of project and human resources management. Furthermore, I acquired a good understanding of the market situation on the Mainland, e.g. Chinese government structures, external relations, company strategy planning, cash flow management, logistics etc.. As a result I had become much more confident by the time the project was completed. This is when I decided to establish my own company upon my return to Hong Kong — a new milestone in my career.”

Growth Across the Border

The rapid development in China creates a lot of opportunities for service companies in Hong Kong, especially in the design field,” says Choi.

“With the help of partners and other relations that I have built up over the years, I have successfully established representations in several major cities in China. I also see that the One Belt One Road initiative will drive development in the region. This will have a significant impact on various sectors including the design sector. Hong Kong companies must take this chance to capitalise on the opportunities by providing good services.”

“A fresh new design is the key to catch the interest of a client.” – Eric Choi, Founder

Creating Space

“Hong Kong’s way of living is changing constantly. Most recently, you see developers are building more ‘nano’ flats. Over a quarter of the completed units last year in 2016 were less than 400 square feet in size. As an interior designer, this presents many limitations, but yet it is also an excellent challenge. What I can offer is maximal usage of space. Recently I designed a unit of 400 square feet for a young couple; they were very appreciative of my work, as they felt that their space has doubled in comparison with before. This is what I call ‘clever space stealing’.

Service is Key

“Our company excels in quality, reliability, dedication and sincerity. Quite often clients cannot describe the kind of design they would like to have. My colleagues and I listen carefully to their needs, observe their habits and then come up with proposals, drawings, 3D-coloured designs etc.. After all, the key is to make sure that your design answers the needs of the client within their budget.

“Hong Kong’s sound economic situation and the booming of the property market creates a good business environment for interior designers. On the other hand, competition is quite fierce and price wars are part of our working reality. The constant rise of material costs is also an issue. We solve the problem by communicating well with clients and doing our homework in sourcing and pricing.

“We hope to work closely with major companies such as retail chains in and outside Hong Kong. Quite often we follow the growth of our clients. For example, we worked for a client in their shop in Zhuhai following their expansion. We believe in steady and sustainable growth in the market.

“I don’t consider myself as a very successful business person but I would like to share my work experiences. Steve Job once said: ‘Stay hungry, stay foolish.’ I believe one has to be aware of new developments and keep on learning new design technics and methods. After all, a fresh new design is the key to catch the interest of a client.”

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