Offering best-in-class solutions to an increasingly discerning market has fuelled growth for market favourite KNS.

Mr. Man Chun Nam, Managing Director & Mr. Wong Kam Kuen, Project Director of KNS.

KNS Engineering Limited (KNS) was established in 2011. Founders Wong Kam Kuen (project director) and Man Chun Nam (managing director) began their environmental engineering career since 2001. It was clear to see that environmental engineering was growing increasingly important and was providing Hong Kong with higher living standards. A decade later after obtaining the knowledge and technology to further develop the industry the duo founded KNS.

KNS provides a wide variety of services, including Automatic Irrigation System, Rain Water Recycle System, Green Roof, Green Wall as well as Zero Irrigation System. These services will surely help develop and pour new elements into Hong Kong’s environmental engineering industry.

Best Systems

KNS has its own niches, both external and internal. KNS has long been exploring environmental engineering striving to study all possible foreign and local environmental engineering solutions so as to seek the best systems and technologies for Hong Kong and, before launching these systems and technologies, test them in order to ensure that they are the best solutions for Hong Kong. KNS has a professional engineering team experienced in planning and managing large-scale engineering projects. The company has shown the ability to handle large projects such as the Hong Kong Disneyland.

Creating Values

Creating irreplaceable values to products and for customers have always been the core value of KNS. This surely helps KNS to run out of competitors. “KNS has a professional team that provides efficient, effective and quality services to customers. KNS’s innovative services bring customers with much more valuable solution than its competitors provide,” Man Chun Nam, its managing director.

Cash flow is the number one obstacle in Hong Kong engineering industry. Whenever a project has been tendered, enterprises need to invest a huge amount in the early stage. The capital is used in various areas at this stage. This is critical especially in environmental engineering. The reason is that most of the raw materials can only be found overseas. Also, foreign suppliers usually require companies to pay certain amount of deposit before shipment. Thereupon, cash flow is a huge hurdle that every company needs to overcome.

“KNS has built up a foundation in Hong Kong market. Moreover, we have cooperated with different local banks for a few years. Thus, cash flow is no longer a problem to KNS and all KNS projects can be implemented on schedule in a smooth manner,” says Nam.

Winning Formula

The firm is planning to introduce plenty of advanced and quality environmental engineering products from foreign countries and cooperate with local educational institutions to investigate the efficiencies of those products. After that, KNS will study the feasibility of the products with different stakeholders, namely consultants, developers and the government. Also, in various environmental product exhibitions, KNS is going to recommend those new products to potential customers so as to further expand KNS’s market share.

“KNS’s success formula is an outstanding team together with quality products and services, which bring customers the best environmental engineering solution,” says Wong Kam Kuen, the firm’s Project Director.

China Solutions

Besides Hong Kong, China is also a valuable market to KNS. Since Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and the establishment of Shanghai Disneyland, the scope for environmental engineering has widened in China. These two world-known projects have introduced a bunch of environmental engineering products to China and has been recognized and accepted by the China market.

“KNS has long been involved in environmental engineering projects in China and has set up a professional team exclusively responsible for all projects in China. The team promotes concepts, benefits and application of environmental engineering. In addition, the team provides technical support for customers. Nowadays, environmental engineering has become more and more popular in China. Therefore, KNS will certainly increase China market share, concludes Nam.”

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