From humble beginnings, a small transport company grew to serve the largest motoring market in Asia, thanks to its consistency in service and belief in customer satisfaction.

Vang Iek Group was founded in 1935 by Cheang Hok Yee.

Vang Iek started as a tiny transportation company in Macau with only two trucks. As the economy began to grow in the 40’s, so did Vang Iek.

On one hand, Vang Iek acquired additional trucks to enlarge the company’s existing fleet size.

On the other hand, Vang Iek seized the opportunities to import second hand vehicles from Hong Kong.

The company simultaneously opened its first repair workshop to restore and repair second hand vehicles. In 1964, Vang Iek’s business expanded to car dealership.

It was appointed as the sole dealer of Mazda in Macau and further diversified its portfolio in the 1980’s by operating a taxi fleet of 100 units. In 1994 it became the dealer of Jaguar in Macau.

To show its long term commitment to the brand, Vang Iek purchased properties to be used as Jaguar’s showroom and service center. In 2011, the company become the dealer of Land Rover in Macau. In 2012, Vang Iek was appointed as the official importer of Mazda in Hong Kong.

Today, Vang Iek is an enterprise spanning across vehicle sales and services, carrying 5 brands in Macau (Jaguar, Land Rover, Mazda, Hyundai, Ford).

Vang Iek’s business also includes car rental and fleet management.

“From pre-sales to post-sales, we look into every detail in the process that can create additional values to our customers.”  – Gary Cheung, CEO

Trust and Loyalty

“We have great faith in our Mazda product. Mazda vehicles are truly one of a kind. From designs, technologies to driving experience, it follows a path that is different than other mass market car manufactures,” says Julio Cheng – Executive Director.

“Mazda has produced numerous award-winning models in recent years and won award such as World Car of the Year in 2013-2016, Red-dot Design Award, to Safety Award 2017, all of which show Mazda is committed to building the best cars.”

“Nowadays, good service is no longer considered a differentiator,” says Gilbert Cheang, Executive Director. “It has become a necessity. Our strategy is to strengthen the business through delivering a superior customer experience seamlessly. Winning customer trust and loyalty is our mission to make a positive difference. Our ability to impress customers extends beyond the sale. Wherever they are in the ownership lifecycle, car owners demand constant care, not only towards their vehicles but also towards themselves personally. From time to time, we carry out mystery shop exercises and conduct customer interviews. This helps us gauge their satisfaction and needs. We are always there to listen, to help and to make commitments.”

Caring for the Customer

The start-up of our Hong Kong business was not exactly smooth sailing, recalls Gary Cheung – CEO, Vang Iek Motor Hong Kong.

“We had to overcome many obstacles to come to where we are today. One of the major hurdles we faced was the volatility in the FX market. The appreciation of Japanese Yen increased our cost tremendously, while the depreciation of Euro put us in direct price competition with many of our European counterparts. We had to manage our pricing strategy very carefully. Something we definitely wanted to avoid is a cut-throat price war. On the other hand, without lowering our price, we would be losing our competitiveness.”

Vital Difference

“Our goal is to bring our unique customer experience to a greater number of customers. We believe nothing can replace the experience of the actual viewing of our Mazda products. We are looking to expand our service network in Hong Kong. Currently we have 4 outlets of showrooms and service centres located in Hong Kong Island, Eastern and Western Kowloon. Our target is to expand our service network into New Territories. This way, our products and services can far-reach to a greater number of audience,” says Gilbert Cheang.

“Our management’s vision is to focus on long -term sustainable growth rather than taking short-term profit. This vision becomes the foundation of many of our business strategies. We apply the same philosophy when we interact with our customers. Instead of seeing their purchase as a one-off, we look build a relationship that is long lasting. We want our customer to understand that purchasing a vehicle from us is only the start of our relationship. We want to stay with them throughout the whole life cycle. We want to take an extra step, so we can walk an extra mile with our customer.”

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