Old rules don’t match new markets says NG HIU FUNG SHIN of ZINC STUDIO.  He knows that customers want creativity on tap and an imagination that knows no boundaries.

Developing business in Hong Kong saturated design market is no easy task. To succeed you have to be creative, resourceful, imaginative, cost-competitive and it not easy to do in an arena where customers want the Rolls Royce for the price of a taxi.

But, designer Ng Hiu Fung, Shin is hopeful. “Staying competitive, having an adventurous spirit, meeting up potential clients and keep a long-term business relationship is vital. Of course, we need to try to predict the market trends in the next decade and see how best we can prepare for them.”

Paving a Path

“You have to define your own design-development approach and design strategy for different type of clients. Customers insist on innovation, so you have to embrace the habit of constant improvisation, fine tune the design method and try to solve the problems clients may have eg. space, building restrictions etc.

“We have to offer unique and potential spatial planning fit for clients. We have to offer fresh design theories and methods, create humanized space and characteristics and exceed expectations.”

“Staying competitive, having an adventurous spirit, meeting up potential clients and keep a long-term business relationship is vital.” – Ng Hiu Fung, Shin

Rising to Challenge

“The fact remains that Hong Kong has an acute space shortage and by extension, space is costly. From an industry standpoint, we have an increasing number of competitors all fighting for the same talent pool and customer base.

Thanks to the Internet, the market is changing far too rapidly and we need to control costs and yet keep our image in the market. Naturally, this is a very challenging juggling act and one that is not too easy to handle but this also makes us better in terms of learning how to survive, growing more creative, exploring and embracing innovation and of course, digital marketing.”

How to Succeed

“It is easy to complain but in essence the solution is simple. A set of simple rules proved critical to breaking old habits. Unlocking good ideas, creating new identities for our client’s design, developing an idea-generation methodology and making a decision quickly helps. Working closely as a team and highlighting challenges that have to be overcome,” says Ng.

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