Serving Asia’s most discerning market, KSY SPECIALITY LTD looks beyond traditional products and customer service axioms. Its dynamic Chief Executive AGNES KOON talks about the future.

Ko Ying, founder and director of KSY Speciality Ltd, retired in 1992 from Asia Insurance Company Ltd as General Manager. He set up this broking company specialized in Jewellers’ Block Insurance for wholesalers, retailers and manufactures of jewellery business.

Agnes Koon retired from Falcon Insurance Company (Hong Kong) Ltd as Director and Chief Operating Officer in 2010.

She was a founding member of Falcon Insurance in 1998, a Canadian based insurer with parent of Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd (listed on NY and Toronto Stock Exchange with 20,000 employees world-wide).

When Koon retired from Falcon Insurance, she has already been closely involved with a number of NGOs in charitable work. She wanted to retire as an employee but had no intention of retiring from the community.

She has a strong passion to contribute to develop the insurance industry and to help the insured public with her professional expertise in insurance and profound knowledge.

In order to continue her charitable work, Koon decided (in 2010) to invest into KSY and be its Chief Executive. She wants to control her time allocation.

KSY specializes in:

  • Special Insurances – Jewellers’ Block, Personal Jewellery, Fine Art Collection and Museum All Risks.
  • Being coverholder for Lloyd’s in Specie Insurance
  • Accident & Medical Insurances – both Group & Individual Medical, Critical Illness, Personal Accident & Life insurances
  • Professional & Product Liability for selected industries
  • Marine cargo & forwarders insurances

“We always develop new platforms to cater for the specific insurance needs of our selected business.” – Agnes Koon, Chief Executive

KSY’s differences (Koon says) are;

  • Our priority is to look after customers’ interest with care wholeheartedly in terms of their insurance needs and seeking the best insurance solutions.
  • Honesty & Integrity are our core values – no compromise
  • Professionalism and high level of service standard
  • We listen to our customers
  • For annual renewable insurance, we always review customers’ updated insurance needs and look for wider cover/competitive market options from Hong Kong and/or over the world
  • We provide added value services e.g. risk improvement recommendations, employees well being programme, rehabilitation and mediation advice
  • Compliance at laws, rules & regulations and Enterprise Risk Management are our top management requirements at KSY for the company’s sustainability

KSY Guests of Honur celebrating its 25th anniversary.

Equipped to Serve

“We are expanding in niche and specialty types of insurances. We always develop new platforms to cater for the specific insurance needs of our selected business. These are our main tenets of business;

  • Always stay ahead of customers’ insurance needs and prepare products to fulfill their needs;
  • To provide added value services which are outside the box of insurance solutions;
  • Our expertise and experience are really unique in the market.
  • KSY has strong Corporate Social Responsibility
  • We are particularly high in the required standard of our services to clients
  • We also have specific focus in compliance of all Codes of Practice, Laws & Regulations.”

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