Entrepreneur and music director NGAI MAN KEUNG is inspiring cello lovers to nurture their talent and let it flourish in spite of setbacks.

“Cellistizzimo has been founded at 2006 as we have seen cello ensemble music was getting popular in the world but not familiar in Hong Kong,” says music director Ngai Man Keung.

“We had an idea to create a new organisation to serve as a platform for training, rehearsing, promoting cello ensemble music, gathering musicians, selling cello necessities and arranging public performances,” he adds.

“As Hong Kong is a part of China, we have a big advantage to access the treasures in China. They have good teachers, good performers and good students. That is really worth to borrow and learn from. We line up soloist and groups to offer public performances, masterclasses and lessons in Hong Kong. We send our students to China to part take in competitions, enjoy performances and music camps. Through all these activities, we establish good relations with China performers and professors and gained a broad recognition in the cello community in China.”

“As a school, the ability of the students is our most valuable assets.” – Ngai Man Keung, Music Director

Distinct Difference

“We are quite different from any other music educational organisation in Hong Kong that we are a cello specialty school that only focusses on one instrument — the cello.

“The quality of the cello teaching is always our biggest concern. As a school, the ability of the students is our most valuable assets. We are constantly arranging an array of activities periodically to improve our students such as public performances, inviting guest professors to conduct masterclasses and lessons.

“Through the above interactive activities between those musical giants and the students an overall improvement in the mastering of the cello happens.

Besides of the technique training, we believe that a global vision is very important for musicians. We line up overseas tours periodically. As they perform, enjoy music camping, and attend competitions, we build up solid connections in the global cellist community and that is very useful for our next step in the future.”

Performance in London
Albert Memorial Step.

Making the Most

“The problem of land availability is always the biggest problem in Hong Kong. Before every public performance, we need venues to conduct rehearsals. With the shortage of venues, we make our rehearsals very precise to make them as effective as possible.

“We will continue to do more projects to local and overseas artists in any art form. China is a big and growing market. We are still considering the possibility of opening a branch and forming an orchestra there.”

“I believe that learn from failure and never give up always bring you a bigger success.”

For additional information, please visit www.cellistizzimo.com

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