Carving a niche for itself amidst Hong Kong’s competitive Independent Financial Advisors arena, DYNASTY FINANCIAL GROUP LTD is setting new standards using technology to add value to its financial solutions offerings.   

“Everyone wants a better future, but not all people can obtain their dream life. All because people are limited by different obstacles,” says Helen Wong, COO of Dynasty Financial Group Ltd.

“People might not even know how to achieve their own financial goals. This drove us to explore the IFA industry. We soon saw that the IFA industry was well developed in the United States and Europe, while Hong Kong was still green. Spotting this potential and market demand, DFG was founded.”

“We aim at being the IFA with the highest quantity of technical support.” – Helen Wong

Bringing Value

“We analyze the needs of clients to provide suitable strategies, services and products. Following the regulations, our financial advisors work to high standards to provide best-in-class solutions to our clients.”

“Our ‘Excellent Service Program’ is uniquely designed and developed for both clients and advisors, including tools set to app supports. The tools set is designed to help clients get more familiar with the financial planning concepts and help our advisors understand their clients’ needs better.”

“Animations, charts, graphics and reports are prepared for advisors. Step-by-step using those tools to educate our clients with communications and analysis provided, advisors provide better service. Documents and instant chatroom function are also contained in our mobile app, allowing our support team to back-up all our advisors,” explains Wong.

Driving Force

“We will focus on recruitment and internal supports to advisors. We aim at being the IFA with the highest quantity of technical support. We will put more resources into technical supports like enhancing the I.T. system of the current platform and tools. These can help maintaining high sustainability in the market.”

Wong adds: “Centripetal force and cohesive force within the company and teams help us achieve success. High retention rate is what we are proud of. Advisors see DFG as their family. To DFG, manpower is always the greatest asset. The success of everyone in DFG is always the greatest success of our company,” she concludes.

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