With Hong Kong’s growing demand for IT services, NEOMAS is dedicated to fulfill the expanding needs for best-in-class professionals that growing companies proactively seeks.

“IT profession, is our expertise and our market comprise of companies seeking long term talent acquisition partner. Our concept is different from a traditional talent sourcing company. We get involved with your business and its changing needs. We share our experience on HK job market with our clients and together we face challenges arises,” says founder Freddy Lam.

Freddy Lam is aware of the growing talent needs of Fintech sector and also knows the nature of companies seeking this talent. “It is a knowledge-based sector that grows on differentiation and specialization. We can’t just send anybody for the jobs. Instead we need to provide professional talents with their skills tested. The sector is also looking or reliable, proven talent sourcing companies and this is where we get to build our reputation as a ‘go-to’ recruiter.”

“Our concept is different from a traditional talent sourcing company. We get involved with your business and its changing needs.” – Freddy Lam

Built to Serve

“Moreover, we invest most of our time and effort to interview with applicants who are identified before being interviewed with the client. The quality control part differentiates us from our core competitors,” says Freddy Lam.

“Over the last few years, Fintech companies and other technology start-up companies have begun to draw more from the pool of IT professions, and today, the ratio of demand and supply is over 6:1. It’s more difficult to attract candidates and provide enough choices for our client to consider!”

“But, these are challenges to be overcome and we do this by clearly defining the candidate’s role, narrowing down the number of jobs for candidates and understanding their needs and objectives more clearly.”

Filling a Niche

According to co-founder Kenji Lam, the talent sourcing industry has not been very strong until recently, thanks to the Fintech boom.

“Secondly, long-term relationship. We have focused on IT since 2008, many candidates grew together with us, we have more resources than general recruitment agencies (who just try to source IT candidates when their clients need it) and we are good at picking the best from the rest.”

“We plan to employ more staff to make the recruitment cycle more smooth and engaging for all those concerned. Maintain consistency, knowledge sharing and keep being open-minded to the changing world is our daily challenge.”

Kenji Lam agrees that competitors and pricing are also challenges. “We have to adapt and embrace challenges instead of being consumed by them. The future is assured for intelligent, swift, quality services providers and we very much intend to grow into the biggest and the best with one and only one mission – to supply our customers with award-winning talent on tap.”

For additional information, please visit www.neomas.com.hk

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