Entrepreneur LEANNE LAM takes the art of event management to new heights with her passion for creativity, people-management skills, flair for organizing and market-tested resources.

“The social scene of today’s busy society inspired us to bring people together with our well-organised premier events. We want to be a facilitator and create memorable moments between friends and family amidst everyone’s busy day-to-day lives. Our name ‘Lumière’ represents our aim, which is to brighten up people’s lives with our luxurious events,” says Leanne Lam. Co-founder & CEO of Le Lumière Events Ltd.

“With our experiences in event organisation and by attending numerous events, we recognised what was missing in this industry and wanted to use our insights to fill these gaps, and also go a step further to fulfill client’s visions in event planning.”

Surprise Factor

“Our pioneering team with diverse backgrounds offers innovative ideas for events and branding through our extensive knowledge of social media, latest event trends and personalised services.

“With clients as our priority, we cater to their requirements with different language and cultural backgrounds so we can fully understand all their wants and needs, but also to go the extra mile to create the perfect event,” Lam explains.

“One of our most loved personalised services is our bespoke ‘Lumière surprise factor’, where we discover the clients’ favourites and provide a surprise to our star of the night. Other than our tailor-made services, we also believe in making our clients feel empowered to achieve their full potential. Through our youth talent search program, LUX, we aspire to discover bright young talents from the creative field and develop them through exposure, training, and documentation.

We go one step further in spreading happiness by connecting our guests, youths and our society.”

Filling a Niche

Sometimes people in Hong Kong are unable to find time to slow down and take a moment to celebrate and appreciate the good things in life,” says Lam.

“City people are also price-sensitive and carry high expectations for their purchases. However, overcoming challenges is the way for a company to grow. Our premium and personalised services are able to satisfy the likes of a discerning Hong Kong crowd. There is also huge potential for the market in this city and we strive to be the only name that customers remember when they come across ‘events planning’.”

“Recognising the potential of our team and also our market, we have big plans for horizontal expansion ahead of us. Wedding and corporate-focused events will be taking up a big part of our agenda and there will be a new team dedicated to these two types of events. Due to the increased demand of decoration products, we will be launching an online store in the coming year to cater to all your party favors.”

China Potential

“Like many service industries, we are in the people business. We aspire to connect with our clients on a heart to heart level. Our company is here to listen to each and every story of our clients and to create a memory Our quality of our premium products and level of personalisation in luxury services enables the dreamers -our clients- to have their wishes fulfilled and believers to escape into a fantasy world of their own, as well as brands that want to provide the experience of a lifetime to their audiences.”

“There is increasing appreciation of luxurious services and awareness of western culture in greater China, and more festivals and holidays are being celebrated. People are also more aware of the need to engage in celebratory and leisure activities as a result of increasing purchasing power and social media exposure, eg. the rise of Weibo and Wechat. Our company is starting to spread our interpretation of celebration to Greater China and provide our clients with luxurious event organising and decorating services.”

Serving with Passion

“We believe in bringing happiness to the society with our premium events and bearing our statement, ‘We create, you celebrate’. Our definition of success is when a guest has a truly memorable and joyful time because of our company’s efforts and event organisation. Happiness is one of the strongest forces and bonds. When it multiplies, the result is monumental. To feel this collaborative energy is what gets us excited and energised for every event, large or small.”

For additional information, please visit lelumiereevents.com

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