Amidst Hong Kong’s rapidly growing market for health and cosmetics comes a refreshing, professional service that’s changing the way we view personal care, says HEIDI SUM.

Regular beauty parlours in Hong Kong don’t provide satisfactory service, quantity-wise. The whole industry tends to oversell to clients and quality-wise, many of the services recommended by beauty parlours are in fact, not what clients truly need,” says Heidi Sum, director of the popular PhiDerma Aesthetics Centre Ltd.

Sum says, PhiDerma Aesthetics Centre is an alternative to the prevalent sub-par medical beauty services in Hong Kong.

“Our core value is to provide professional medical procedures that cater to the need of the individual, carried out by qualified medical practitioners including our medical director Dr. Sharon Yu.”

Quality Matters

PhiDerma’s medical professionalism, personalized service and management by doctors are what truly set us apart, says Sum.

“Before each treatment, the client receives a one-to-one skin assessment session by our in-house resident doctors. The doctors also take personal reasonability in configuring the machines and conducting high energy treatments. Moreover, all nurses have attained qualifications from level 4 ITEC/ CIBTAC certificate for the use of laser and optical beauty devices,” she explains.

“We are a customer-centric medical aesthetics clinic that provides our clients with what they need and what they need only.”

“Instead of taking every available opportunity to upsell our clients, we set a limit for each treatment package based on their actual needs. We believe that caring sincerely for our clients is the best way to establish a loyal and recurring clientele.”

“Regardless of the price-cutting and compromises and over-selling we see around us, we will stay steadfast to our commitment for quality to our customers.” – Heidi Sum, Director

Setting Standards

Sum says: “As a matter of fact, PhiDerma has never taken part in a price war. In a market of cut-throat competition, we focus on bringing in devices, injectable products and professional service in the highest standard possible.”

“We have plans to expand our team at our existing establishment. We believe it is the best way to cater for our growing clients while maintaining full supervision and strict control of our service quality. We stand firmly by our principles.”

Focus on Service

China prospects are bright for the brand though and Sum in confident in exploiting this potential. “In order to tap into the Greater China market, we are running our own WeChat Official Account to share medical aesthetics news and knowledge, which has a good conversion rate. It’s worth noting that we have not formed any partnership with agents from China and actually offer the same price for both local and Mainland individuals. No matter the origin of our client, we hope to cultivate a sustainable and long-term relationship with him/her for the best results.”

Staying the Course

“As a business we appreciate that our customers are our best advertisers. How we serve them, the results we are able to provide, our professional conduct etc all go to make them our best advertisers. We will continue to stay quality competitive and build on our referral business. Pragmatic expansion is the way forward for us. Eventually, the market always chooses quality over price and that’s why regardless of the price-cutting and compromises and over-selling we see around us, we will stay steadfast to our commitment of quality to our customers.”

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