Determined to be the best, TIMOTHY CHUNG built XENSE DESIGN STUDIO to ensure that market got design solutions as unique and specials as they are.

Timothy Chung, design director: “Leaping ahead might make you fall,
but staying there will never make your move forward.”

“Beautiful isn’t enough. To me, interior design is never a business but a kind of art that makes users, the receivers, satisfied in a way they feel complete in the space,” says Timothy Chung, design director.

Chung had been working in a local design company for 7 years, where he gained “awareness of human centered design instead of just being practical. At the same time, with the increasing appreciation from my previous boss and clients, I grew in confidence to set up my own business to aim for designing for the living of people to solve their problems and respond to their needs instead of simply transforming the hardware of the house into a beautiful space.”  

Stay Hungry, Stay Humble         

“My studio focuses at providing human centered design with Smart Home System. State-of-the-art technology is well employed to make housing a brand new experience. With the use of smart phone, a dream home is not a dream anymore.”

“I have been soaking in the business for a long term to accumulate enough experience. Meanwhile, my company has been recruiting a knowledgeable local team and growing in patience, creativity and inclusiveness. Patience is important when introducing a new concept or product type to our clients; creative thinking is employed to shape new trends and influences in design industry. To combine the old and new, to face the future with yesterday is what we are good at. Inclusiveness of our company leads our projects to stand on today and we are confident to face diverse customers and meet their needs.”

Market Scenario          

“More affluent families with younger households and with only 1-2 children migrated to Hong Kong (from China) and they long for a better living space and quality of Life and they are able to accept and try different new, authentic designs. They are confident in HK designers and that provides our company potential clients. The opening market of China indeed brings Hong Kong companies more opportunities to reach different kinds of clients and requirements about the interior design.”

  • Chung’s plans for growth include;
  • Increase business in Greater China region
  • Keep an eye of the newly developed technology for home use.
  • Recruit younger workforce for new design concept and technology.
  • Establish the standard of what a Smart Home System can achieve to become the market leader in the area.

Leap of Faith           

“Lacking reputation and capitals at the very initial phase was the big block in way. Under the pressure of the high rent, life had been tough. However, the persistence of keeping eyes on producing human centered projects that focused on quality, instead of speed and quantity gradually gained the confidence of clients,” he explains adding that to fall in love with what you do, is the answer.

“Be relentless and ready to take risk to try anything new as it will only send you forward. Leaping ahead might make you fall, but staying there will never make your move forward.”

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