When retail or commercial sector players want tailor-made freezing solutions there is only one company they call. Chairman MATTHEW WONG tracks his company’s ascent to the top.

Matthew Wong started his business as a local small refrigerator supplier in Hong Kong. However, thanks to his vision and passion Wong took the opportunity to expand his business and obtain great success. Today Kinco is a globally recognized refrigeration equipment manufacturer and a market leader in the commercial refrigeration equipment industry.

Kinco has consistently utilized quality material and manufacturing processes to ensure finest finished products like Refrigerator; Freezer; Open Showcase; Cake Case; Ice-cream Case; Chocolate Case and Hot Case, etc.Nowadays, kinco has accumulated a list of major overseas markets throughout USA, Australia, New Zealand, Oceania, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia.

Reputation Matters

“Kinco offer product customization service to clients while others only sell standardized products,” says Matthew Wong, the company’s chairman.

“We have our own logistic team and maintenance teams in Hong Kong. This enable Kinco to offer the best after-sales service to all of our clients,” he adds.

“Clients may have different kinds of challenge for you every day; for example, very tight delivery schedules, special requirements on product; or even cannot find suitable items for their shop due to space limitations. These are all urgent problems for a client and they will go for another supplier if you fail to solve the problem. Therefore, the ability to propose best solution for clients is crucial,” explains Wong.

“Kinco has the best R&B team with talented engineers who can deal with any challenges and propose solutions in time. In a result, Kinco has gained credit from clients and they all happy to recommend Kinco to new customers.”

Kinco merged with JetCool Holdings Ltd, a leading commercial refrigeration product Importer & Distributor in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia market in 2017. With the well-developed distribution network of Jetcool, Kinco believes the venture will help Kinco enhance its business portfolio and facilitate the further expansion of its business.

Global Growth

“There are changes in global economy, which push Kinco to improve and adopt otherwise we will fall behind the market. Say China, the huge buying power in the China market has attracted many competitors. Meanwhile, the rise of living standards has forever altered the buying behavior of mainland people. They’re growing increasingly concerned with start concern what they are actually buying and look for more value (in terms of quality, outlook, brand name, feature, environmental friendly) in products.

We always prepare for change. We already set up our China office and provide full training to arm up our sales team with necessary product knowledge. And same strategy will be adopted to global markets in the future.” Wong reveals. To stay on top of the game, Wong says, they have to have enough courage to change and therefore Kinco create sustainable development in their corporate culture.

Key to Success

“This spirit armed us with necessary requirement to face and overcome every challenge.

Our R&D team never stop studying and modifying products to exceed client’s expectation. They always come up with not just great ideas on product but also a working solution to our client’s needs. Lastly, we only deliver the best of the best! Applying the best raw materials; designing by the best product engineers; assembling by the best technicians; monitoring by the best management team; and producing the best products. These are our keys to growth and success.”

For additional information, please visit www.kinco.com.tw

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