Understanding Hong Kong’s increasingly demanding market for design solutions, LEE SUM WING founded MaS Studio Ltd.

Lee Sum Wing, Monique, Design Director of MaS Studio Ltd.

“I have a passion for art since childhood and have always aspired to design for spatial comfort and simplicity. After getting my degree in architectural science, I started my career in an interior design company where I worked closely with land developers amongst whom I built a trust,” says Lee Sum Wing, Monique, Design Director and Founder of MaS Studio Ltd.

It was very encouraging to note that they regarded my designs as a blend of inspiration and functionality.

While consolidating my working experience, I furthered my studies in interior design. Looking for a chance to advocate eco-friendly interior design concepts, I decided to found my own company Mas Studio in 2009 which was a turning point in my design career.”

Competitive Edge

“We believe that keeping an open mind, taking a proactive learning attitude, fostering a passion for creative green thinking and advocating the use of simple materials are indispensable. This may be a reason for securing more business from stylish customers pursuing modern, smart designs,” says Lee.

“Nowadays, free circulation of information through the Internet and a high-speed transport system allows easy access to information and convenient travelling to different parts of the world. In response, we take active steps to reach more potential customers and provide contemporary design information through various online platforms and paper publications.

“Providing customers with designs exceeding their expectations is our driving force. We keep abreast of contemporary trends and explore new materials to break through conventional design framework.”

Customer Outreach

“We believe that interior designs should carry high aesthetic value and meet the practical needs of customers. Limited land space leads to an increasing demand for our designs which fully utilize space.

“Meanwhile, we pay much attention to the selection of eco-friendly building materials. Our customers don’t worry about any potential hazards to their health. The use of simple design materials and an energy-saving layout is functional and cuts living expenses. Our one-stop service to monitor project from design to final completion also, allow our customers that much needed peace of mind.”

“Striving to provide our customers with more unique designs that suit their needs, we are planning to expand our office space and recruit more young designers. At the same time, I believe our team needs to actively enrich our knowledge and enhance level of technical know-how to refine our eco-friendly designs. This fulfills our social obligation to serve the society with our expertise.

China Prospects

With the rise of the Belt & Road economy, China’s population is increasingly reaching for a better quality of life. The government is also aware of the urgent need to protect the environment and how living environment impacts on health. We believe it is an opportunity to introduce our eco-friendly design philosophy.”

“We started to provide interior design service for residential and show units in Mainland China since 2011. This business has been growing steadily and is now accounting for an increasing share of our business.

“Apart from offering creative design concepts, we are also keeping ourselves abreast of contemporary design trends, introducing novel designs and making wise choice of materials. Getting recognition from prestigious interior design awards and exhibitions locally and abroad also wins us more trust from them.”

Purpose-Built to Serve

“We treat our customers as friends. Communication is an integral part of creating designs to exceed our client’s expectations. Take commercial customers as an example, we would study the nature of their products and targeted customers which we believe very important in making designs fulfilling their commercial needs. We also try to analyze their product styles, project location, neighbourhood and local purchasing power, etc. Above all, creating a comfortable and unique environment enables us to gain trust from our customers.

“For residential customers, we listen and learn more about their preferred design style, family members and their living habits so as to create a beautiful and practical home that suits their needs.”

For additional information, please visit www.mas-intdesign.com

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