Looking for the right immigration specialist can be a heady task as many have  discovered before finding the L&K GROUP HOLDINGS LTD. Immigration speciality HENRY LAU WAI HUNG speaks on the prospects for his service.

Prospects for immigration agents in Hong Kong and China are growing brighter with increasing interest toward migration to countries like the UK, Australia, Canada and the U.S, not necessarily in that order. Spotting the opportunity, Lau Wai Hung, Henry, Executive Director of the group decided to take the initiative and provide a one-stop-shop for people wishing to migrate.

“Capital Investment Entrant Scheme was the key event that led to the founding of L&K  Group. Working with the international financial institution make us well-known in the migration market,” says Lau Wai Hung, Henry, executive director. 

“Quality of service in this industry goes beyond just furnishing information, filling up forms correct and helping clients navigate the process.” – Lau Wai Hung, Henry, Executive Director

Quest for the Best

With the advance of the Internet, people are growing increasingly exposed to the possibilities of a better life overseas. Exploring immigration options can not only be confusing and misleading but also cumbersome to navigate, says Lau.

“Our company brings to bear both, an understanding of the needs of the customer and knowledge of the countries migrants are looking at. We are able to mix and match and offer customers with the best solutions at the best prices,” he says.

“Not only is the Hong Kong market growing but the China market too. With rapid growth of the greater China market, many Chinese are getting richer. They are interested in migrating to other countries. We set up offices in China and work closely with the banks to help as many as possible.

Based on our good image, professionalism, honesty and compliance, we used to amongst the top migration companies.”

“As we have focused on Greater China market before, it has been taking time to enter the Hong Kong market. However, this is also an opportunity to promote our brand as an international brand as Hong Kong is a core city in the Asia Pacific.”

Quality First

“The key to this business is knowledge and the patience to understand clients’ current and future needs. It is one thing to say that people are keen to leave for reasons like increasing prices of property prices, pollution, limited scope for education etc. but it is another thing to make them aware of opportunities and difficulties in other countries, so they can make an informed, important decision,” says Lau.

“Quality of service in this industry goes beyond just furnishing information, filling up forms correct and helping clients navigate the process. It is about advice, understanding, anticipating problems and providing customers with a holistic, enjoyable service that creates quality referrals. Immigration is a specialty business and referrals are golden. Our company has grown on referral business and word-of-mouth. In this business a bad reputation travels faster than a good one, so each and every customer is a valid advertiser of the quality of our service,” concludes Lau.

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