Regardless of industry trends and market forces, will and determination to succeed shaped an idea into a market leader.

Before founding Win Win Way Construction Co., Ltd (“WWW Construction”), Wong, the founder of WWW Construction, garnered over 15 years of experience in the Hong Kong’s construction industry.

Wong was not content to only act as the foundation contractor as an employee. He yearned to establish his own construction business. In 2009, he set up WWW Construction to carry out foundation works and ancillary services. In 2000 and 2004, Lee and Dr. Kan joined the Group and were appointed as the directors of WWW Construction.

Competitive Edge

“China’s construction market recorded a steady growth over previous years. Except for the Saipan’s ongoing project, our Group currently does not have the other overseas projects. However, we would not rule out participating in China’s project in the future,” says Lee.

“We were first registered as specialist contractor in the categories of foundation, site formation and demolition and as general building contractor with the Buildings Department in Hong Kong in 2004. We are also on the list of approved suppliers of materials and specialist contractors for public works (Group II of the “Land Piling” category for minipile, steel H-pile and rock-socketed steel H-pile in pre-bored hole) with Development Bureau. In addition, we are on the list of registered subcontractors with the Construction Industry Council with trade specialty in foundation, demolition and other general civil works.

“The wide range of qualifications in construction industry allowed our Group to provide a wide range of construction services to our customers, giving us the competitive edge in bidding for projects covering the range of services offered by our Group.”

Rising to Challenge

“We were one of the two foundation companies which were capable of performing frictional pre-bored H-piling works in Hong Kong. This piling technology is more environment-friendly compared to others as it generates less vibration and noise during the operation,” Lee explains.

“If the Environmental Protection Department receives complaints from the public about noise and vibration generated from foundation operation, the foundation operation must be suspended. The timeline of the project may be postponed, and the contractors may have to bear the penalty. Therefore, our environmental-friendly piling technology can reduce the risk of complaint and postpone of project.”

Growth in Demand

Foundation works require skilled workers to progress. However, labour shortage has become a major challenge in Hong Kong, especially for skilled construction workers.

To overcome the challenges of labour shortage for skilled workers in the foundation and general building works industry, foundation and general building works contractors in Hong Kong began to hire less experienced workers and provide more support and on-site training to them.

In addition to the continued growth in the demand of hotels in Hong Kong as an international financial center and tourism destination and the major infrastructure projects announced by the Hong Kong Government since 2007, the government plans to increase the supply of residential land for public and private housing to meet the increasing demand for housing units and to stabilize the overheated properties market. The government has set out a five-year plan to allocate more land for residential property development. These policies will drive the construction industry in Hong Kong, and thus the demand for foundation works and ancillary services as well as general building works is expected to continue to increase in the next five year.

“In view of the growth prospects for both public and private development projects, we intend to expand our business capacity and scale to strengthen our market position in Hong Kong and to capture more sizeable and profitable projects,” he says.

Paving the Path

“We have an experienced and dedicated management team with many years of operational expertise and in-depth understanding of the construction industry in Hong Kong, which allows us to anticipate and capture market opportunities when formulating our positioning and development strategies. Our experienced management team is supported by a team of long-serving staff. A majority of our technical staff possesses the relevant engineering training and/or academic qualifications to supervise and handle construction works. We believe that the combination of a capable and experienced management team and staff would reinforce our competitiveness in the construction industry in Hong Kong.”

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