Design specialist and entrepreneur RICKY WONG takes his concepts and business mind to a new height with his flair for ingenious design and customer service.

In 1996, Ricky Wong launched his own business in Hong Kong. After the business had become mature, he started to extend the business and established his offices in Shenzhen, Xi’an as well as Beijing. “Even now we have near 200 people in our team, we never stop our steps to make differences,” Wong says.

Until today, Ricky Wong and his company had got a lot great achievements, including Gold Key Design Award, German Design Award, the honor of Asia’s most influential design award, APIDA (Asia Pacific Interior Design Award), CIDA international top 10 in China,etc.

“We proposed the concept of ‘total solution’, which combines the prophase project planning, efficient design and digital marketing in residential refined design.” – Ricky Wong, founder & chief designer

Soul-ful Design

Nowadays, RWD has developed over 20 years. “We have accumulated experience and skill in this industry. We do not deliberately emphasize the style, but put more focus on the design theme and space ambiance of each project. Compared with the ordinary design works, our design has more soul. Simply speaking, we make the client sense that his needs are well understood and fulfilled.”

“Each company, each brand has its different advantages. What we need to do is to focus on our strength and advantages. We would voice our opinions through our design and let the market be the judge,” Wong says.

Core Competencies

Speaking on the challenges facing his industry he notes that domestic enterprises are not like Hong Kong companies, they are slightly weaker in terms of professional knowledge and skills.

“In earlier years, there were actually not pure interior design Hong Kong companies. Most interior designs have been conducted by the interior design section of architecture design team. Some consulting companies will also set up the design department. All these large and small companies have formed this industry. Overall the industry is still relatively systematic and standardized. And there is still a very big room for development in the mainland. Our Shenzhen branch is relatively more standardized in terms of the management of design.”

Need for Versatility

“The market is very big, but the market share of each company is constantly changing, and it depends on our strategic planning to make the ‘market cake’ bigger,” Wong says.

“In recent years, we proposed the concept of ‘total solution’, which combines the prophase project planning, efficient design and digital marketing in residential refined design. I believe it is a win-win situation once we provide clients with the upgrade programs.

“IProjects would be drawn to our firm if we were really good at these projects. In the future, the integration of design resource and science would definitely facilitate the design process, but the original intention of the design will not change.

“Designers have to be versatile and have to have their own understandings of all walks of life. It would be hard for designers with a single skill to have major breakthroughs when they hit the wall,” he concludes.

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