Hong Kong’s health-conscious market may well prevent a host of chronic illnesses with personalized consultation-based diets from TETRA NUTRITIONAL CONSULTATION CENTRE.

“Our company we founded in 1999 when chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, obesity, and gout arthritis were on the rapid rise. These chronic diseases can be indeed prevented and controlled, however, Hong Kong people were deficient in such knowledge and the only resort they used came about by trial and error. Therefore, people began wanting to learn how to prevent and control the chronic diseases and hence our centre was born,” says David, Chan Yung Kin, director and registered dietician Tetra Nutritional Consultation Centre.

“We offer a one-stop-shop resource for our clients keen on staying fit, healthy and up to the challenges of their lifestyle, job demands and health requirements.” – David, Chan Yung Kin, Director

Passion for Service

“Professional and caring service is our key characteristic,” says Chan. “Our centre is proud to serve the community as an organization with the most registered dietitians among other companies in the industry. Tetra dietitians all hold full status of internationally recognized qualifications.”

“We are passionate about their profession and are client-oriented. We strive to comply with the professional code of ethics; their practices have to fulfill national standards. We have countless successful cases in weight control and a big improvement in chronic diseases. Therefore, to establish more professional image is our extra value.”

David and his teammate at Mediazone’s “Most Valuable Companies in Hong Kong 2018” Awards Ceremony.

Filling a Niche

“There are more and more nutrition centres are established and this market is now full of keen competition. We will diversify our services such as elderly centre and community service since the aging population problem is rather serious. We strive to care for our clients and provide practical and effective dietary advice to them. We offer a one-stop-shop resource for our clients keen on staying fit, healthy and up to the challenges of their lifestyle, job demands and health requirements.”

According to Chan, Hong Kongers must stop to look at their health before it is too late. “We are a proactive, progressive-minded people keen on improving, growing more wealthy and we don’t stop to see the impact our lifestyle has on our health. We only stop to notice the damage long after it is done. Further, the costs of medical care are rising to new heights. With rising inflation retirement savings will not be enough to provide you with the lifestyle you are accustomed to, leave alone pay for pricey medical care. The wise move will be to keep an eye on your health now, before it is too late. Invest now and enjoy later.”

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