Young designer OSCAR CHAN stakes his claim to market share in an increasingly competitive industry and an unforgiving market. 

OscarC Studio came out of a dream. Young designer Oscar Chan dreamt of having his own interior designing company hence his ‘studio’ came into being. Given his way, Hong Kong will soon have a design platform that will serve as a showcase-forum for designers across the world to exchange ideas, showcase their talent and attract customers.      

Quality First

“Our attitude and dedication towards what we do that makes us successful. Also, we have a young and energetic team that is always positive in dealing with deadlines and difficult projects,” says Chan.

“We go the extra mile when we prepare our design proposals by giving customers more design options and ideas to try and create better value for the client since the more value-added stuff we give the client the better they appreciate the quality of our service. Besides providing design service we also take care of the technical aspects of the project to ensure that the design and construction can both be done smoothly.”

“We have already established OscarC Studio in one of the China market .We might spend more budget to expand the mainland market after a few years.

“Customers’ interest is our first priority when considering design. This is why clients appreciate our design style and happily engage us to redecorate their homes.” – Oscar Chan

More Choice

“We put ‘interest’ as our first priority when considering design. Most of the our customers appreciate our design style and happily engage us to re-decorate their homes.  Business-wise we are doing well but like most industries, we too are facing a shortage of qualified and skilled designers. We expect to train more professional designers in order to satisfy different customers’ need.

“As a company, we are always striving to be better. We believe by working to improve ourselves we will build a stronger company and improve the service and experience for our customers who are our priority. We listen to our customers’ requirements and involve them in every aspect of the design process.

Our designers are innovative and keep up to date with different trends to deliver the best options to suit our customers. We offer high quality materials and products, sourced both locally and internationally, which allows our customers more choice.”

Bright Prospects

While the market for great design grows, the talent shortage and competitive pricing make is hard for smaller companies to survive, Chan says.

“We view this as opportunity though. It makes us better designers, smarter professionals and more reliable business partners. I see a good future for my company so long as we continue to operate honestly, work harder and smarter; and maintain good relations with our customers,” he concludes.

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