Customer-centric approach and focus on core competencies makes APM LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT LTD a market favourite.

“The importance of China and Asia as a consumer market, the massive b2b growth engine and manufacturing and supply chain hub are factors that cannot be ignored,” says Ng Kam Ming, director of APM Logistics Management Ltd.

“The emergence of Chinese consumers and eCommerce as the most transformative forces in global retail and branding in a generation and today, the supply chain excellence is critical to market growth, profits, and global competitiveness across all industries.”

“The way forward in this business is to keep abreast of technology, continually improve the way we manage the supply chain, exceed our client’s expectations and grow organically.” – Ng Kam Ming, Director

Mr.Sam Ng, Operations Manager

Staying Ahead of Change

APM Logistics has been providing research, strategy, and supply chain services for multinationals, SMEs, brands, retailers, and industrial companies for 10 years.

“We have also setup a bonded warehouse facilities in Yantian Logistics Park, and cross-border trucking team. Our service is backed up with guarantees. We are specific in our promises and we don’t make promises we can’t fulfill. We stay true to our care competencies and focus on client satisfaction and best business practices.”

“The way forward in this business is to keep abreast of technology, continually improve the way we manage the supply chain, exceed our client’s expectations and grow organically,” Ng says.

“We have challenges like land shortage and high land cost and of course like any people-intensive industry we face a qualified labour shortage but these have to be overcome as we change and innovate.

“As a Hong Kong-based logistics service provider, we’re currently operating 180,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Tsing Yi. We are planning to expand our warehouse to 300,000 sq.ft. in next 2 years and expand our cross-border trucking team as we explore opportunity in along the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge.”

Key to Success

Man Tang, General Manager

“In this business reputations matter and bad new travels faster than good. So the key is to stay loyal to your customers, focus on continually improving each and every aspect of your operations, attract better people with qualifications and values and don’t make enemies.”

“In today’s increasingly shrinking world where the internet is able to reveal a world of choices to the customer, we have to be aware of our position on the service ladder. Our industry is changing faster then ever before and factors like e-commerce are revolutionizing the way we operate. There is a talent crunch to deal with and so automation is making fast inroads. New competitors are entering the market every day but the market still wants reliability, solid values and expertise and that’s where we rank high. The trick is to retain this edge, build on referral business and stay focused on offering unbeatable service. Our customers are our best advertisers and winning the prestigious HKMVC Award is in itself a sign that we are worthy of market applause. I wish to thank all our loyal customers and our staff for jointly making this memorable milestone possible.”

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