Public Relations is being redefined. Social media-management, on-line presence, keywords and hash tags are crucial when targeting your customers and few veteran PR professionals know this as VIVIAN CHAN, founder of ViAsia PR Ltd.

VIVIAN CHAN, founder of ViAsia PR Ltd.

“Publicity is absolutely critical. A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page ad,” says Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group and Vivian Chan couldn’t agree more.

Having served in HKSAR responsible for arranging large government campaigns and international conferences, Vivian Chan boasts in-depth expertise and experience in Public Relations (PR).

She then started her PR business for another 10 years. With her solid knowledge in both Commercial and Public PR, her firm provides vivid publicity and infinite possibilities as solutions to global clients, especially those in Greater China/Asia.

Global Reach

Chan notes that China’s Belt and Road Initiative creates valuable business opportunities for multinationals and enterprises. She says, all businessmen from Mainland China, Asia, ASEAN, Middle East and Central & East Europe are keen to grasp this opportunity and enter the China market or vice versa. This presents a window for a PR company with local and global expertise and Chan helps lots of clients to make the most of it.

ViAsia developed seamless connection with their media and PR partners in Greater China, Asia, Europe and even Middle East. Chan and her crew work closely with Guangdong Radio and Television, and Shenzhen Media Group to carry out large international PR projects.

Vivian and her award winning team have successfully helped many enterprises including famous Asian Cruise Lines, Australian Flight Training School, International Education Institution and Personalized English Education Kit, entering China market via a series of online and offline marketing activities. ViAsia PR has also successfully connected them to China e-commerce platforms. “Our crew has also assisted companies to open up markets in Asia and the Middle East,” Chan says.

Online Marketing Expertise

Apart from traditional offline marketing, online marketing is moving at the speed of light, Chan notes. “We have established an expert team who is superb at creative content marketing, Facebook and Google Ads advertising Campaign, as well as Search Engine Optimization Services to gain the most publicity for our clients. We have successfully launched different online activities such as game apps, competitions and voting, resulting in massive views and interactions.

In a Future Pilots Competition we have organized for a flight training school last year in Guangdong, near 75,000 votes were collected in WeChat within two days and over 60,000 views were also gained within 5 hours via a news app in China. That’s how effective we are.”

“With our long years experience in the field, we have developed a pool of online celebrities and KOLs who are always ready to promote products for our valuable clients. By partnering with KOLs and mastering on the content message, we can always reach our target audiences and create a social influence.”

Gain Prestige in China

“Following the unveiling of the Belt and Road Initiative by Xi Jinping in late 2013, our clients also expanded to Greater China, ASEAN and Middle East.”

“Just in 2017 and 2018, we have completed a number of China projects. We have assisted in the “Belt and Road Art Expo” with renowned artists joining from the region. We have also collaborated with media groups in Mainland China to launch international brand building projects covering travel, education, healthcare and parenting aspects in Mainland China.” ViAsia’s PR work is well recognized and gains prestige in China. Chan is recently invited as one of the panel judges for the “SMARTIES CHINA 2018” Mobile Marketing Awards Competition in China.

“We will continue with our social responsibility and will continue to serve our NGO partners in carrying out their charity and fundraising events hoping that charity and love is seen and felt everywhere,” Chan concludes.

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