Supplying Hong Kong’s local and foreign market with quality guidance for the purchase of insurance coverage is the prime business of JUCHENG INSURANCE BROKER LTD, says its CEO, ALAN TAM WING YIN.

Conceived to help those in need, the insurance industry is supposed to live up to its founding tenets. Few do. Amidst this mistrust, good business suffers or at least it would suffer were it not for that pivotal entity – the insurance broker.

Most brokers too rarely put the customer’s needs before their own. So filling a niche is JUCHENG Insurance Broker Ltd a well regarded broker keen on building a reputation by amazing customers.

This principle has been the founding tenet of the company ever since. It began operations at Hong Kong in 2014, its parent company remains Jupai Holdings Ltd in Shanghai and listed on the NYSE.

“Our market comprises simple everyday folk who need and buy insurance that really delivers! The main job is to match the customer’s needs with the best deals available in the market.” – Alan Tam Wing Yin, CEO

No Compromise

“Our market comprises simple everyday folk who need and buy insurance that really delivers! We help China’s people and companies with their insurance needs in Hong Kong and we help Hong Kong’s people with their insurance needs in China,” says Alan Tam Wing Yin, the company’s CEO in Hong Kong.

“The main challenge is to identify the needs of the customer and match them with the best insurance solution available in Hong Kong, from there on it is the customer’s choice. With this approach we have rapidly grown to be synonymous with:

• Customer-centric approach

• Lowest premiums

• Top quality insurers

• Trust-worthy products

• Quality advise up close and personal

• Confidential transactions &

• Best-in-class overall service.

“We adopt a solutions approach to simple as well as complex insurance needs.” – Xu Shihao, Executive Director

Xu Shihao, Executive Director.

Keeping all these consistent is the combined responsibility of the whole team in Hong Kong,” says Alan.

“We get a lot of new customers through word of mouth because we always focus on exceeding our customers’ expectations,” says Mr. Xu.

“Our motto is simple – People Before Profit, Always. Selling insurance is like selling promises. When promises are kept, people happily remember you, they refer you and that’s what life is about for us at here at JUCHENG,” he says.

“Alan and I are well rooted in the insurance market. We know what customers expect in terms of quality of service, range of product and depth of coverage. While there is stiff competition, we focus on transparency, value-added service and on making each customer our best advertiser. Yes, we are a relatively new player in Hong Kong but the customer is interested in competitive value and service and that’s what we have a reputation for,” concludes Mr. Xu.

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鉅誠保險經紀有限公司行政總裁譚永賢 (右) :「不管是本地或內地客戶,只要有保險需求,我們都以客戶的需求作首位,為客人配對最合適的保險產品。 」

「向香港本地和境外客戶提供優質及專業的保險意見是鉅誠保險經紀有限公司的主要業務。」行政總裁譚永賢說道 。

客戶需求,是我們做保險的基本法則。產品主導, 往往得不到客戶的信任, 而影響聲譽。這不是我們保險中介想要的!






• 以客戶為中心

• 較低廉的保費

• 優良的保險公司

• 值得信賴的產品

• 合適的建議及服務

• 緊密無誤的流程

• 一流的整體服務


執行董事徐仕浩 (右下) :「我們會使用直接而簡單的方案來解決復雜的保險需要。」


「我們的座右銘很簡單 – 客人的利益永遠在前。銷售保險就像是出售承諾。當承諾被保留時,人們樂意地記住你,他們將會推薦你,這就是我們在【鉅誠】的座右銘。」他說。



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