Cashing in on a discerning commercial and residential market eager for reliable, quality service FK CONCEPT is raising the bar, says its co-founder VINCEE LI.

FK Concept was established in 2006 and has become a leading one stop solution provider of interior design and construction project management services.

The company started out by providing design and project management services on residential projects, says its co-founder Vincee Li.

Working closely with residential clients, we learned the importance of working closely with clients and the value of ‘attention to detail’.

She says: “Our philosophy was to design and manage the project as it was our own home. As the business evolved to include both residential and commercial services, we continued to apply that same high level of attention to detail and service.”

Reputation Paves the Path

Vincee Li, Co-founder of FK Concept.

“We can also act fast to meet the needs of our clients. We can do this because we have a very experienced team alongside long and strong relationships with our contractors. Our team has innovative design skills and technical insight to efficiently produce aesthetic yet functional designs for our clients. Having a best-in-class network of contractors that work closely with the design and project managers results in our projects being completed on-time and on-budget, with high quality workmanship that our clients expect.”

She says, the company’s business philosophy blends its many years of project management insight with a desire to have an honest and open dialog with clients.

“We see many of our competitors providing unrealistic bids to win projects only to see the final costs exceed the budget for reasons that an experienced designer could have anticipated. This  results in an unhappy client and damages the reputation of all designers in the industry. We work to gain the trust of our clients by providing accurate project cost estimates, best-in-class customer service and strong attention to project details. We never seek to “up-sell” our customers after the contract has been signed; instead we work closely with our clients to ensure that the project is to their satisfaction. We believe that our strong reputation in the industry and with our clients validates our approach.”

Creative Solutions

“Our team is constantly keeping on top of the emerging trends in the industry. We do this by maintaining strong relationships with our suppliers, attending trade shows and listening to our clients. Whether it be sourcing custom-made furniture from Italy or cutting-edge lighting technology, we have a deep network of industry contacts that we use to ensure we can meet the needs of our clients, ” says Li.

She adds: “A current trend is the continued integration of technology into both the home and office. We are developing a new technology offering that can help lower energy consumption and improve indoor air quality. This project has given us great insights as to how best to work with clients to best use technology to improve their projects.”

New Discerning Market Potential

“The last few years have shown a significant increase in China corporates opening branch offices in Hong Kong as a result of the growing China economy. Because it is a branch office and not the main office, the company typical lacks ‘on the ground’ staffing to manage its projects. This has been an excellent opportunity for FK Concept because our culture of strong client service and experience in project management. We have to date, successfully managed several Hong Kong based projects with China- based corporates which has lead to us winning onshore based projects for these clients. We believe gaining a presence in China will be a long-term opportunity for FK Concept.”

Honest Approach

Li says the industry may well be expanding, but it still very closely knit and reputations are built and destroyed every day. “The trick is to think like a customer. Being transparent, upfront, creative and always keen to squeeze more value for the customers, have helped us grow thanks to referral business. We view our success as a result of our client’s success. Customers are growing increasingly aware of their competitive options, thanks to the internet. As a customer-centric service provider we have to prove our worth in more than just word. Hard work, productivity, creativity, honesty, talent and vision is what matters and that’s the pledge that has made FK Concept a partner of choice.”

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