HK JOJO is a service-type brand with the joint development of Internet finance and integrating finance, real estate, tourism, immigration and other sectors to provide customers with a one-stop-shop service says STEFAN CHAO, its enterprising CEO.

Mr. Stefan Chao, CEO of JoJo Co., Ltd.

“As Chinese policies grow increasingly favorable and Shanghai-Hong Kong and Shenzhen-Hong Kong Gold transactions are officially launched, domestic and overseas financial investment platforms from Hong Kong, Britain, America, New Zealand, Australia have begun to flood into China creating fierce competition,” says Stefan Chao, CEO, Jojo Co., Ltd.

With that in view, he cautions investors on how to select a service provider. “No matter if you select an overseas or a domestic precious metal transaction platform, qualifications of the platform is an indispensable and important factor for selection. Investors should not only know whether the platform has management qualifications granted by relevant laws and regulations in the supervision unit of the gold and silver market, but also guarantee the stability of transaction data and function operation,” he says.

Safety of Funds 

“During the process of investment transactions,” Chao says, “investor’s greatest concern is naturally – the safety of funds. To ensure the safety, in terms of deposits, customers should know their funds’ flow, conditions and restrictions for funds deposit and withdrawal, commissions charges, the time of funds to the account. Transparency is vital.”

He suggests, before selecting a platform, customers should inquire into the company’s registered capital and operation state via relevant industrial and commercial institutions, to ensure the existence of the company. He says, the company’s service and the strength of the teams may be reflected through the service level and response speed of customer services.

“Being a member of JoJo ecosystem, HK JoJo is a service-type brand with the joint development of Internet finance and entity industry, integrating finance, real estate, tourism, immigration and other industries.

“The members of the service team in HK JoJo come from the first-line Internet+ financial companies, and have over 10 years experience on average in financial product design, risk management, market analysis, platform operation.”

He says: “Innovation is key, so we offer various platforms and all-around transaction services with APP, Wechat and PC; scenario-based and interesting investment transaction platform; intelligent on-line customer service etc.”

China Growth     

Since its inception, HK JoJo has followed the developments in the precious metal industry.

“On November 3, 2017, an the inauguration ceremony for the 45th session of supervisors board of the Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society and the launching ceremony of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Gold Transactions, we became one of the second batch members of Qianhai Shenzhen-Hongkong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone. In April of this year, our application for Class B (self-operation) members qualification of international board trade market in Shanghai Gold Exchange was approved, and the company is expected to officially become its member later this year,” Chao notes.

“We hope that we can grasp the market opportunity of Shenzhen-Hong Kong and Shanghai-Hong Kong Gold Transactions, build the bridge of cooperation between the mainland and Hong Kong through the mature precious metal investment service of the platform and accelerate the market expansion, thus introducing the high-end innovative precious metal investment service of HK JoJo across the world.”

“Looking forward to the future, we will make Hong Kong as the central headquarters, obtain licenses of securities, futures, investment adviser and asset management, and arrange overseas finance industry for the gradual development in Britain and the United States, striving to become an international financial company within 5 years.

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