What began as a dream, has now grown into a living reality – A growing resource to shape the future of innovative, creative business thinking is today a well recognized name in executive training, thanks to founder and CEO TERENCE YEUNG of TACSEN.

Terence Yeung, Founder and CEO of TACSEN.

Established in 2002 in Hong Kong, TACSEN is a training consulting firm providing talent development and corporate training services in Hong Kong and China. Today, the executive talent coach has a wide network of strategically placed branches in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.   

“2014 was a remarkable year for TACSEN, during which we formed a strategic partnership with Wiley, one of the world’s largest publishers. Leveraging on our extensive network in Hong Kong and China, we promote Wiley’s products which are widely used and highly recommended by fortune 500 teams to our clients,” recalled by TACSEN’s founder Terence Yeung.

Apart from licensed programs, TACSEN also has extensive knowledge and experiences in the field of change management training, management training program, retail sales training, B2B sales training, mystery shopping service, etc.

“Leveraging on extensive management consulting experience and best practices within the industry, we partner with clients to create results by offering tailor-made corporate solutions,” Yeung explains.

“We emphasize solution implementation and post-implementation follow-up, aiming to ensure practicality of our consulting recommendations and application of training content in a client’s work environment.”

Filling a Niche!   

“When I ended my corporate life from an international consulting company, I found that there are two major gaps in the business world,” says Yeung.

“Firstly, the management and leadership pipeline in the world was in crisis. Research showed that 86% of the companies agree that they have a leadership crisis. They need more quality and quantity of leaders and managers. Secondly in my consulting career, I discovered that even if clients are given great strategy, whether they are able to implement it effectively is another matter—that is the real key to success.”

“I founded TACSEN to fill these gaps, to help increase the quality and quantity of leaders and managers of our clients, providing key skills for our clients for implementation success.”

Here Yeung shares some rather illuminating aspects of the executive coaching industry. “The training and consulting industry is highly competitive due to the low entry barrier nature of the industry. Successful companies in this industry have to win by consistent quality of service, ability to solve clients’ problems and implementation focus,” he explains.

Digital Pathways   

“We are incorporating eLearning as part of training follow-up and reinforcement. In this digital era, clients prefer to be able to interact and share with others anytime they like. Our platform enables such interaction. In addition, the trainer will also reply on queries posted by participants. At the same time, as the important part of follow up of training, our platform provides training resources to enhance training results—such as case study videos, online assessments, etc.”

In terms of differentiation, TACSEN is the only Global Training Partner of The Leadership Challenge® in Hong Kong. In addition, TACSEN is the only Authorised Partner in the Greater China region of the 4 major products of Wiley:

  1. The Leadership Challenge®
  2. Everything DiSC®
  3. The Five Dysfunctions of a TeamTM
  4. The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive TeamTM

“There are companies providing training as welfare to their employees. We target to help provide talent solutions that meet the business need of the company and are implementation focus.”

“So far, our services have been focusing on mid to senior management and teams of corporation. We plan to expand our services to provide all necessary soft skills for business associates from the start of their career to CEO level.”

“We will start from college graduates by helping them finding right jobs for them, providing necessary skills for the workplace to help smoothen the transition from student to employee. Along the whole career path, TACSEN will be helping them to enhance personal effectiveness, problem solving skills, management and leadership skills.”

For additional information, please visit www.tacsen.com

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