Everyone wants a deal but no one wants to pay less and get a fake. Dr WONG WING SHING, VINCENT took this notion and built a thriving business on it.

Founded in 2006, Pompei started its business as a convergence of international brands, offers luxury and quality merchandise to our customers, says Dr. Wong Wing Shing, Vincent, founder of the company.

“Our professional purchasing team visits to Europe regularly, chooses and provides the rarest limited edition of the prestigious brands, to meet the demands of our valuable customers—the idea being, to bring back within reach, the best in luxury consumables to our worthy customers.

“Our flagship store is currently located in Tsim Sha Tsui where is an area over eight thousand square feet, spacious and cozy environment with finest interior design, collecting various of international brands. The products are all imported from Europe, from male and female fashions, handbags, accessories, to fine leather goods, jewelries and watches, providing not just the best products, but also the best service.”

Dr. Wong Wing Shing, Vincent: “Our products are all imported from Europe and we specialize in providing not just the best products, but also the best service.”

As Real as Our Products       

Wong notes that over recent years there are more competitors joining in due to the increasing number of customers from the mainland China, and it does affects how the customers choose where or how they purchase their goods.

“There is also an increasing amount of shops that selling fakes and pretend they are real, with a much lower price to lure the customers. However, we always have the good history of providing the finest goods and never sell fakes, so our customers trust us and always come back to us, and that’s the biggest advantage to having competitors. They show customers who to buy the real goods from.”

“We have always believed that the first and most important principle in this business is ‘Integrity’. We never sell fakes or second-hands goods to our customers, and our customers believe us since all our products are chosen directly in Europe by our professional purchasing team. We also update ourselves regularly with the latest fashion trend and customers’ interests, to search for different varieties to suit our customer’s needs. Apart from products, Pompei believes that the service experience is also equally important. Therefore, we provide a one-stop service from hats, clothing, accessories, shoes, suitcase, to jewelries and watches, customers could find all they need in our shops, and even with a lower price than outside.”

China’s Open Doors     

“We are starting to build up our chain store, instead of trying to defeat the one who wants to get into the business, we invite them to join us as our partners, and not just Hong Kong, but also the greater China and even other investors from different countries. We will provide them our products, which will be gathered by our purchasing team, and they can also use our brand as an attraction and ‘trust worthy’ to our customers, which will create a triple-win situation for us, our partners and our customers.

“Our company has quite a few plans in the future, including open a giant store in a brand new hotel, which will be located in the Hong Kong island, providing a new spot for customers to search for their favorites goods.”

For additional information, please visit www.pompei.com.hk

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