Now new technology brings you the power to liven up your ability to amaze. Personal use or for professional brand recognition purposes, WONG CHUNG HO reveals the amazing possibilities.

Perry Wong, Product Director.

GOXD Technology Ltd is an advanced technology product company focused on designing and creating products that bring brand-new sensory experiences to people everywhere. 

Backed by a global leader and technology innovator in auto-stereoscopic 3D (glasses-free) visualization, GOXD believes glasses-free 3D is the future of visual display. For this reason, it has utilized several patented 3D technologies to design and develop a range of innovative lifestyle products that deliver an unparalleled 4K UHD resolution and glasses-free 3D experience. It aims to impress people with new sensory experience.     

Imagery Gets Real

The GOXD’s flagship product, Memto™ 4K Glasses-free 3D picture frame provides a cloud-based new and stunning image display solution to the market. Its MemtoWorld™ application is among the world’s leading creators and contributors of stunning imagery and multimedia products in consumer market, which created a revolutionary eco-system for images management – sharing, editing, conversion, upscaling, and with an integrated imagery marketplace. The goal is to create a universal platform for all photographers, artists, illustrators, etc. to present their talent works to the world while users are easily to access masterpiece from worldwide.  

Mr. Perry Wong, Product Director of Marvel Digital Limited speaks on “A New Dimension of Visualization / 嶄新的3D 視覺體驗” at Mediazone’s Smart City Forum on June 1, 2018.

Innovative ‘Sharing’

“In the connected age, we can only carry and view our memorable photos on small displays or displays with low resolution, like computer and smartphone. Besides, people who doesn’t live with their family, want to connect with their family members like grandparents, by sharing their precious moment instantly, and for user especially elderly to recall their old memories easily. Also, for people who want to share with their friends a large number of photos, have to place the album or copy to share, which is annoying and time consuming. Our Memto™ Live Picture Frame is launched to solve the problems above. It supports glasses-free 3D effect and 4K ultra-high-definition in 26 inches, that is a new technology to view photos and for people to share precious moments simply.” says Wong.

“Moreover, due to the cost and problems such as it is hard to get 3D contents without using a specified machine, there is not much 3D contents in the market. However, with the functions of 2D to 3D conversion, Memto™ can provide a convenient way to generate 3D contents.”

“With the functions of 2D to 3D conversion, Memto™ can provide a convenient way to generate amazing, life-like 3D contents.” – Wong Chung Ho (Perry) Director

A World First!           

Apart from providing a simple way to share precious moment with large and high resolution display with new sensory experience (Glasses-free 3D), Memto™ Live Picture Frame provides a universal platform for all talents to present their works while users can easily access masterpieces world-wide. Memto™ attracts customers to choose a digital picture frame to save and share their memorable moments instead of a smartphone or computer.

Memto™ Live Picture Frame is the world’s first picture frame that supports Live Photo™ and cinemagraphs playback by our patented technology and the first consumer product that brings groundbreaking industrial-graded glasses-free 3D effect to home at reasonable price. 

Unlike other 3D TVs which require special 3D glasses, Memto™ applies their in-house developed and patented autostereoscopic 3D technology which is a proprietary combination of hardware, middle-ware and software perfect sync.

Works with the MemtoWorld™ application, Memto™ provides a fully completed eco-system in pictures management including 2D to 3D conversion, 2K to 4K UHD upscaling, photo editing and more. If you have ordinary 2D photos taken by your smartphone, Memto™ helps you to boost your photo in a crystal clear 4K UHD resolution and transform them to vivid and detailed 4K3D to display in a stunning and astonish way on frame.

Growing Popularity           

GOXD Technology Ltd is enlarging their market region from Hong Kong to greater China, Taiwan and overseas market like Japan. We plan to develop and enlarge our market to other Asia countries in 2018 and to Europe and USA in 2019, Wong says.

“GOXD plans to extend their market segment both in business to consumer(B2C) and business to business(B2B), such as joining different exhibitions all around the world including The International Consumer Electronics Show and IFA in Berlin, in order to provide new visual experiences to different target segments all around the world and let the glasses-free 3D technology to be widespread used. 

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