With the rising costs of medical care, consumers are growing increasingly drawn toward organic food that provides a healthy diet. INCA SUPERFOOD brings the best quality and value to Hong Kong, says co-founder VINCENT J POON.

Hong Kong’s passion for organic super-foods continues to rise thanks to a growing market for health products. 

The trends gave rise to INCA Superfood which was established in 2014, to provide the most premium plant-based organic super-food to the world, says co-founder Vincent J Poon. 

“We proudly have a chance to produce these super-foods in partnership with native domestic farmers in the Andes, Peru, and the rest of the world. Our vision is to provide the best quality, promote plant-based super-food consumption globally and especially in Asia, effectively help people adapt an eco-friendly lifestyle and healthy diet, and hence shape our new world into a better planet environmentally and economically.” 

In All Aspects of Life

Vincent J. Poon, Co-founder of INCA Superfood.

The popularity of ‘super’ products is obvious as food and drink manufacturers worldwide are demanding for these nutritionally dense ingredients. However, superfood are not only limited to food and drink, Poon points out.

He notes that “super” ingredients are also increasingly being sought in the beauty and cosmetics, health and hygiene, and pet food sectors. 

“Consumers today becoming much aware of what they are consuming into and put on their bodies, super-grain ‘Chia’ has seen the biggest rise in usage in recent years. There was 70% increase in the percentage of food and drink products launched containing Chia since 2015. However, there are not much brands that are qualified to be good quality selections globally,” according to Poon. 

He adds that moreover, the trend of healthier, less refined alternatives to GMO food and supplements has driven the re-discovery of ancient grains, seeds, and fruits. Ancient grains have begun to change the negative perception of some carbohydrates by leveraging their nutritional facts and rich heritage. According to some research statistical figures, there is also strong consumer interest in ancient grains as 30% of UK pasta consumers say that pasta made with ancient grains, for instance quinoa, is healthier than regular pasta. Usage of these heritage grains is high, as two in five (41%) US consumers consume ancient grain-based cereals.” 

Poon says that some seeds, including Chia and pumpkin seeds, offer complete plant-based protein, with all nine essential amino acids in the correct ratios. 

“As a result, people are now more conscious of their health and hence only the best-quality brands, such as INCA Superfood, will dominate the market. Our White Chia seed is one of our all-time best selling product.” 

“Some seeds, including Chia and pumpkin seeds, offer complete plant-based protein, with all nine essential amino acids in the correct ratios.” – Vincent J. Poon, Co-founder of INCA Superfood.

Safety Comes First

“We attach great importance to the safety of our products, so INCA Superfood appointed independent recognized verification, inspection, testing, and certification companies to test our products routinely. All of our products are certified by the US and EU organic certification organizations.”

He stresses that this is important because today customers are not only conscious about their health, but also want to adapt super-food into their lives, such as, beauty and cosmetics, and hair and skincare products, etc. 

“To meet these demands, we will be launching beauty products created with super-food ingredients soon, such as, organic sacha inchi lipstick, lotion, hair shampoo and treatment oil, and dragon’s blood bandages,” reveals Poon.

Growth Potential

The potential of the greater China market for health food & supplements, super-food, and other “super” products will be huge. According to the forecast by McKinsey & Company, the population of the middle class will reach 550 million by 2022, and there are at least 16% of the population in China is over 60. More importantly is that the figures will continue to grow. 

Based on the forecasted growing middle-class and senior population across China, the expected demand for good-quality lifestyle including healthy diet will also grow. For example, the price of maca inflated a few times in China, approximately 500RMB for 500 grams due to the limited supply of good quality maca. 

On the new product side, Poon says besides the “super” products that are mentioned above, we will also launch another sports-related mobile application for vegan and sport lovers in order to gather more potential customers, and ultimately boost our e-commerce platform’s traffic and sales,” he concludes.

For additional information, please visit www.superinca.com

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